Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Multiple Countdowns

That's right. We've got multiple countdowns going on around here. The first is the dog countdown. My parents are back from their fabulous vacation and are ready to collect their dog. Well, my Mom is.

However I have enjoyed the best feature of a dog for the last month. The clean floors.

Well, there are still scraps of paper everywhere. She doesn't eat those. She's licking up orange juice up there. The roaming vacuum cleaner- it's a nice feature on a pet.

In other countdown news, have you perhaps heard we're hosting a Christmas Party? Did I mention that? Are you sick of it yet? Not much longer, I promise.

***Right here is where I realized the two girls had been far too quiet for far too long and went to investigate. I found them cleaning the toilet. I then cleaned the entire bathroom while they took baths. I'm back now. ***

Did you hear Rich built me bookshelves? Love them. Look at all the books they hold. Even my Nancy Drew collection in the upper right hand corner there. The shelves are decorated for Christmas. That's the other countdown going on around here.

We got a tree on Saturday. Slung it on the roof of the car and strapped it down like it was a dead animal.

We brought it in and decorated it .

The railing too. I didn't realize Corwin the kitten would think this was here just for him.

Nothing says Christmas like Santa tins next to almost dead succulent plants. Because I can't even keep a jade and aloe plant alive.

Whimsical touches (shouldn't I be writing cheesy travel articles?) are appearing throughout the house.
Did I mention the dog was leaving on Friday?


ADKMac said...

Maybe you can borrow or rent a dog for after the party - Rent a Hoover or something. I would completely enjoy having a dog for 20 minutes every other day to be on Crumb Patrol.

You're not afraid of Greeley pulling down the tree? That's my fear with a 16 month old running around that acts like a racoon - anything shiny and he's GOTTA have it at any cost.

Rich - Ooooohhh-la-la on the bookshelves!!

Is that Shea smiling in the car?

Gettysburg Mom said...

Our neighbor's dog is too small to handle the scope of our crumbs. I'll have to look outside the neighborhood.

Greeley's good with the tree. The fish tank? She's learning.

It's Atlee smiling in the car. Shea lodged an official complaint about having to do Christmas stuff on a Saturday morning- forcing him to miss Saturday morning cartoons. We're cruel like that.

I love the image of toddlers as raccoons. I also think of Jeremy the Crow from The Secret of Nymh..."Ohhh, a sparkly. Gotta have it."

ADKMac said...

{shhhh - secret from hubs}

I have this beaded purse that Blake found while unpacking one of one million boxes. It's really cute and has these wooden handles. Well, my little racoon could not let go of it. Just couldn't release. I had to pull one finger off at a time. It was a sad day since I then had to hide the purse. You know what happens if daddy finds out that Racoon Man fell in love with a purse? He'll turn out gay and it'll be my fault.

I enjoy what my sis tells her kids:
We're either paying for college or therapy - you decide.

oh - now I look again - I see the animal print on Atlee!

Gettysburg Mom said...

Sexual orientation doesn't matter. I assume Shane will love Blake one way or the other. I'm pretty sure sparkle accessories alone don't define sexual identity.

You could mail it to me along with all of those books. I like sparkly stuff a lot. And it would help you avoid conflict there!

ADKMac said...

Books - I have an entire set of Encyclopedia's with pretty color pictures...tempting isn't it? For free! Drooling yet?

Shoot - I'll just send them and hope the Fedex guy is cute when he delivers them :)

Then again, they will weigh as much as Greeley - let me know so I'm not hogging space on your beautiful bookshelves.

michael in dc said...

Tree looks nice.

On the bookshelf: Do the dates on the snowman open up? What do they reveal? Have you read Cloudsplitter? I consider that one of those "smart people books" that I just won't be able to get into. I was talking to a friend about reading The Kitchen God's Wife (this is when I was 20 and knew nothing about nothing) and finding it not much fun and without a point. I'm wondering now if I should read it again. Who's the picture of on shelf?

I love how Atlee considers any picture a picture of her. She should be in publicity because it's always a good time with Atlee.

I was wondering if the dog was having a field day under Greeley's chair. Oooo, hot dog bits! Yum yum!

michael in dc said...

Postscript: Cleaning the toilet?! Future hotel employees, here we come! Maybe you can get them to clean the whole house now! "Housekeeping!"

The header picture: I was thinking that the pink offset the brown but then I looked closer and it's really not brown. It's kind of an ugly off-brown, isn't it?

Gettysburg Mom said...

Adkmac- no encyclopedias please.

the snowman has little wooden mittens- and we're supposed to take down one mitten a night starting Dec. 1- maybe we'll do that tonight

Cloudsplitter- Required reading to live in Lake Placid area. It's in the fine print.

It's exciting to live with Atlee.

The carpet is, I believe, an avocado green variation. I also believe it's original. Do you remember another carpet?

Tracey said...


Nice bookshelves. I am very jealous...

AdkJen said...

VERY nice bookshelves! I am jealous as well... Very easy to reach. Mine are 13 feet in the air and require a tall stool or an actual ladder to reach. And now we're most likely moving to the Saratoga area. I do not dread the larger space we'll have. However, I DO dread the packing of all those books and wonder what the heck I am going to do in the 'newer' larger house...? Can Rich visit for a weekend perhaps?

sheila said...

OMG I'm laughing so much about the tree being strapped down like a dead animal, because the pic under it has the little girl with the big grin....for some reason I find that whole thing hysterical. Maybe I need more coffee? lol

I really enjoy your blog.