Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Definition of Fun

Fun: When both your one year old toddler and your four month old kitten discover on the same day that you have a ten gallon aquarium filled with water and swimming fish. And it's within reach.


Anonymous said...

And they fit the glass again and again until ...FLOOOOD!!

What? This hasn't happened


Fish are rad for kids!! (WOW - I haven't used the word "rad" for over a decade. My brain must be purging or something)

Anonymous said...

I really need to read what I write...

that was supposed to say ...and them the HIT the glass...

UGH - my mind hurts. A lot.

City Mouse said...

That kid a a taste for exotic cuisine!


City Mouse said...

Ugh. Me too. Northern Adirondackers are officially losing their minds on your blog. That should read ..

That kid HAS a taste for exotic cuisine!