Sunday, November 2, 2008

City Mice and Lots of Cats...

Welcome fans of the Mouse!

We're very excited you stopped by. If I'd known you were coming, I would have vacuumed the carpet before I took pictures. Well, I would have said I was going to vacuum the carpet. Then I probably would have gone to check my email, made a snack and done some laundry.

Regular readers will recall that I decided last week that three kids, one cat, one punk ass rabbit, and seven fish weren't quite enough. We decided to get a kitten. Regular readers will also recall that my mom's two year old black lab mix is coming to stay with us next week. For a month. She likes to chase cats. So, next week we may be up one dog and down one cat. You should come back next week to find out. Hint hint.

Cats are popular around here. As the preschooler in the faux leopard fur coat illustrates.

We went for a walk last week around the neighborhood with Amy and her daughter, Kaya. Amy's very good at getting us out and about. The idea was to collect leaves to take home and do a craft project.

Greeley enjoyed picking up leaves.

They made crispy rustling noises.

And it was a beautiful day for a walk.

Oh wait. We're digressing. Back to our topic: Cats. Both girls were cats for Halloween.

My mom says all little kids get dressed up as a tiger at some point. I apparently was. And I did see a lot of tigers out and about.

And faux leopard fur jacket kitty-cats. We went trick or treating in Pete and Amy's town on Tuesday. It was cold on Tuesday. Dare I say it was Upstate New York Halloween cold on Tuesday? Perhaps it's just that I've grown soft since leaving the Arctic Tundra and moving to warmer climes.

I mean there wasn't any snow. But there could have been.

The kids managed to cover a few blocks before the frost bite set in.

Perhaps you didn't know that tigers like lollipops?

Because, I assure you, they do.

To cat and mouse fans alike, Happy Halloween! Oh wait. It's too late for that. Happy End of Daylight Savings time to you!


Tracey said...

You really ARE on drugs, aren't you? The next weeks should be F.U.N. at your house!!

ADKMac said...

Look at that beautiful girl...Greely! I could hug her forever!!!! Atlee makes a cute kitty! I love her whiskers!!!

Ummm - where's #1?

My wee one had his first taste of a lollipop - actually, he had 2 at the same time - one in each hand. No one warned me about a sugar high! This kid was BOUNCING off the walls!!

ADKMac said...

oh - I see #1. PHEW!!! I thought he was still at the table unable to get 6 peas down!

Did you sneak any veggies into his trick or treat bag?

michael in dc said...

I like Atlee Kitty's action shot. Such energy she has! And the tigerpop shots were good, too. (Without the redeye control, her pupils match the lollipop!)

AdkJen said...

As a commenter from the Great Northern Tundra, there was no snow for Halloween . It *did* snow, however, but didn't stick, thankfully :) But we no longer live in the high peaks area, and that *does* make a difference! No more planning the costumes to go over snow suits, eh?

City Mouse said...

You certainly do have a thing for cats over there! Hope the kids had a blast at Halloween - certainly looks it. Now, let's hear about that big chewy dog that is arriving!