Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Swear, I Was Sober...

How about a little back story? We used to have two cats: Zoe and Moose. Moose died about two years ago and Atlee has missed him dearly since then. She has saved money to help pay for Zoe's doctor bills so that someday, someday we could get a new cat. That day arrived yesterday. My Mom's dog, Cady, is due to arrive next week. Things are going to be a little bit crazy town around here. I'd like to introduce Corwin. The rest of the video is the kids' eating Halloween candy from our trick or treating excursion on Tuesday. Pictures coming soon. Promise.

1 comment:

City Mouse said...

Black cat for Halloween! Awesome.

(BTW - Don't let it cross your path. Oh, you already did?)