Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tag, You're It.

Remember how I was all, "I'm so totally doing Memory Monday." And then Monday came and I didn't do anything? How lucky for me that Tracey from Just Another Mommy Blog tagged me for a Meme. If I've understood her directions correctly, the recipient is supposed to first go to their Flicker-esque account and post the sixth picture on the sixth page. I don't have a Flicker-esque account, so I went with the sixth picture in the sixth file in one documents area. It keeps the spirit of the task at least.

It's a Panda butt. Not just any panda butt though- that's a National Zoo Panda butt.

For the second part of this task, the recipient is supposed to go photo #6 on the sixth page of their computer- here I went for the sixth picture in the sixth file again in a different area.

It's a little girl Atlee at the Mountain House. Just barely past 2. So, now I'm supposed to tag six people. So...


City Mouse

Jenny @ Whilrled Yarn



Judi- I can't find the link to the blog you haven't posted anything to in a while and Greeley is screaming. Did I mention the baby was sick?


Anonymous said...

NOooooo sick babies! No - none. Tell her she can't. It's just wrong to be sick and ickie. Santa won't come if you're sick.

Did it work?

Blog? Oh yeah...I had one of those at one time but ...fill in excuse here - like I can never remember my password so I'm speedymac instead of ADKMac.

Enjoy your Turkey, Ham, Deer, Pheasant, TurDucHen, Beer, Wine, Yams, Gravy, Pie, Cake, family and friends.

City Mouse said...

Did it! Photos are up!

(And incidentally, we should start a SpeedyMac-Needs-to-Blog movement.)

Tracey said...

Glad to be of service.

Anonymous said...

mouse - I have one! But it seems that I enjoy the torture of having a different password for everything. A little taxing on my head these days...I will try to be a blogger again.

Let me see what kind of pixie dust I can sprinkle on this computer to make it work properly.

ADKMac said...


See, told you I can do it! Bland but gotta start somewhere!

AdkJen said...

Ok I bit. But could not think of anyone to pass it along to. Great idea!

Love the new header too. I always -and as discreetly as possible, mind you- say that raising kids is like raising a dog. I'm not sure who learns faster though.

Really, positive reinforcement (treats and praise) and maintain a routine (you know, regular meal times, and all that :) Who knew that the best parenting class I took and I didn't even know it at the time was a dog obedience class in Lake Placid! haha