Saturday, November 22, 2008

Still Dog Sitting

Don't you love when you're dog sitting and the dog wags her tail and knocks the baby down a flight of stairs? Yeah, me too.


City Mouse said...

You're still dog sitting, yes. But the real question remains to be asked: Is the baby still sitting ON the dog?

Tracey said...

Holy crap. Freaking dogs. Hope she's ok. Hope the DOG's ok and you didn't strangle it!!

Anonymous said...

Oops. I liked the previous comment better when she was better than Greeley, not injuring Greeley.
We leave New Zealand for Fiji today. We've had a very good visit so far. Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef was awesome. So many corals and beautiful fish. We sailed yesterday in Aukland harbor, and that was fun. I've petted a koala and a kangaroo, heard a beautiful chamber music concert in the Sydney Opera House and a lovely choral service in the Christ Church cathedral, visited a sheep farm and an old gold mining town, and taken a cruise in the Milford Sound fjiord, which was incredibly beautiful.
So thanks for the dog sitting. Sorry about the latest incident and hope Greeley is Ok.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

It looks like Greeley is started to act like the cat and dog - eating out of their dishes - again?! HA!

Poor little munchkin!! But it sounds like your mommy is coming to the rescue!

AND - think of it this way - you got a chance to clean out some of those toys that have become chew toys for pup. Christmas is coming; you need more space for the new toys!!

John A. Magee said...

Okay, so let's see ... Mom and Dick have been snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, sailing in Auckland harbor, petting koalas and cruising fjords.

Not to worry, we're having fun right here in Michigan. For example, just last night Monique and I drove to Pontiac for an Oakland County Democratic Party meeting where we got involved in a long controversy over the arcana of proportionate slate voting rules.

Hmmmn ... advantage, retired folks!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Actually, it's Friday here. We had a lovely lunch in a Fiji home yesterday, where we said a Thanksgiving prayer. All sorts of interesting things such as taro roots and leaves.
Tonight is our farewell dinner, so we're feasting on rack of lamb. Then Dick and I start our three-day cruise around the islands tomorrow.
It is truly lovely here, and the people are so friendly. Unfortunately, the rainy season is just starting and our beach time keeps getting interrupted by downpours.
I won't tell you the temperature, however. That wouldn't be kind.
Love you all.
See you soon.
(Honest, Susan, we're coming soon to get Cady. In, fact I miss her. I won't speak for Dick.)