Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Like A Function Meeting...with lots of links.

When I worked at the Mirror Lake Inn, we had function meetings. Can I get a hallelujah from Deanna or Judi? It was just a coordination like meeting between all the departments about what was going on.

This post is kind of like that. I have all sorts of details to convey. I also have a picture of Atlee giving her dinosaur a pedicure. It wasn't quite enough for a full post. Cute though.

The November Book Giveaway:
My readership is small enough that I think I can give a shout out to all my peeps. Hang with me. Or just skim on ahead to something more interesting.

Mouse Department: the Cranky Lincoln guy is a client of my husband's. The Cranky Lincoln Guy was just awarded the 2008 National Humanities Medal by President Bush. Whilst (I do love the word whilst, sorry.) receiving this award my husband was constructing him a closet. I hope I didn't break any confidentiality records here.

The movie Mouse refers to is Buddapest to Gettysburg by Jake Boritt. It's good. You should buy a copy.

Jana: Thank you for all of your warm fuzzy love from the Czech Republic. I tossed around the idea of Jana for a name with Greeley. I just thought hearing that might give you a warm fuzzy feeling. I miss free spa services at the Mirror Lake Inn. Those were occasionally possible for training purposes when I worked with Jana and Martina at the Mirror Lake Inn. (If enough of you click over, they'll have to recognize I'm a legitimate referral system and give me free stuff. Do you hear me Carl?)

SpeedyMac: defrocked as Judi, another MLI friend. She's going to come down to Gettysburg with her husband, Shane and son, Blake, sometime soon. I know she is.

Michael: It takes work?! OK- fine. Welcome to my function meeting. I am truly happy to post more frequently if you -you can hop on over from Facebook now and again.

Tracey: I wish I was going to BlogHer. But we'd need to increase my traffic by about 300%. Oh, wait. I have an idea. You know you want to go out for snooty food with me and drink margaritas by the pitcherful while husbands tend to children.

Next Post, Off to the Races:

So, City Mouse, John A Magee (best middle name ever, Greeley came " " this close to sharing it with you), Mr. Michael in DC: you don't seem to think we could handle a full team of dogs. Well, you're right.

Did I mention Cady has become the quiet chewer? She has quietly (trying not to draw attention to herself) chomped upon
1.) a Tigger stuffed animal
2.) many, many Tinkertoys
3.) Shea's many socks.
But, to be fair to Cady, this wouldn't be a problem if Shea put his socks in the hamper. I'm just saying.
4.) Various plush Atlee toys
5.) Various Non-plush Atlee toys
6.) The Bathroom Garbage (Ewwww...)
7.) The Kitchen Garbage when an empty can of wet dog food is involved.

Oh- did I get distracted by the dog? That happens these days. Video of the kid riding the evil eyed dog... yeah. I'll work on that.

My brandy new like idea- Memory Monday:

OK- This idea comes out of my brother-in-law and a couple different levels.

1- My brother-in-law (aka Michael in DC) called me out on not posting frequently. Fine, fine. I'll try to better.

2- My brother-in-law (Michael) mentioned in passing that he wished he had a journal or some record of his Mother's thoughts before and after she passed away. For my own children, based on this, I offer this blog. It's the best I can do.

3- This could become an effective way to slap down a family history for the kids. I, for one, will be harassing my poor mother over the holidays... grilling her for family history. Who was that lady and what did he do again? Have you heard the story where my Dad bought my Mom a Picasso, but over the holidays the family maid threw it out into the garbage? That's classic family lore.

4- I'm too lazy to scrapbook. I blog because I'm too lazy to do the snazzy scrap book thing. They all look quite nice, but like a lot of work. Did I mention I was too lazy for the pretty scrapbook thing? Oh- Maybe you are too? Maybe you've been looking for a reason to post outstanding memories? Post them and preserve them on your blog. For your kids. To Laugh At. Eight Years From Now. Because No Matter What Sort of Connection We try to Forge, They'll Still be Teenagers and Mock Us, Because That's What Teenagers Do. Ahhhh- Memories.

5- Memory Mondays. I Need A Badge. Yeah- Happy Hour Sue. I'm Looking At You. Or whoever is willing to contribute whatever I can get. I'm not picky. I just don't want to do the actual work of creating a badge. Fine, I'll try to work on the badge. But that's the best I can say, because I have to throw a Christmas Party in like, 3 weeks. For clients. That definitely means clean bathrooms.

Any thoughts before I call this function meeting to an end?

See the odds of being called on by name when you hang out around here? No, wait! Please don't run away! You'll be back on Monday for Memory Monday, right? We'll all write about our first memory of our mate. No memory of your mate? Open selection of what ever memory you want to share. Now, where's that Mr. Linky information?....

Christmas Party Prep:

Look at how my minions practice. Bwah hah hah hah hah. Does the evil laugh convey?

Comment you. Yes, you. Two Irish Catholic Families should be able to come up with enough comments to keep my vanity salvaged. Thank you.


City Mouse said...

I'm thinking it would be fun for you to get a bag of rocks, and put a rock in every sock you find lying around, but don't say anything. Could be amusing. Although I don't know if you will be able to keep a straight face when Shea eventually comes storming into the room, bellowing, "WHO is putting rocks in my socks?!"

michael in dc said...

Maybe you could recruit one of Amy's daughters to do the scrapbooking *for* you! See? Outsourcing! It's actually good sometimes! :)

John A. Magee said...

"John A Magee (best middle name ever, Greeley came ' ' this close to sharing it with you.)"

"Arden" does roll trippingly off the tongue, doesn't it? I had no idea I came so close to being a namesake. I would've lobbied, you know. There probably would've been a nice bottle of Irish whiskey in it for you.

(And may I point out that it's not too late to go back and amend that birth certificate.)

If the amended birth certificate strategy doesn't work, I guess you'll just have to have another kid. Come to think of it, a bottle of Irish whiskey would likely prove handy in getting that project started, too.

michael in dc said...

See, she wrote the A without the period, so I thought your middle name was literally "A" - like Truman and the "S" (do you know that story?). I think just the letter A would be a cool middle name. Patrician, somehow. :)

Monique D. said...

Comment love coming your way!
Hi Susan, I do love your blog, even if I have rarely commented. Now that you are boldly (despirately) asking for comments outright, I will be sure and add a note whenever I check in!
The kids looks suddenly older to me, is that possible? It's only been a few months! Jeez. We're looking forward to seeing you all at Christmas.
I am sorry to hear that Cady is chewing things up. Ugh.
I wish you lots of energy and continuing great humor.
Much love.

Anonymous said...

You outted me!

First of all - I miss being at Spa Guinea Pig!! That was, hands down, THE BEST - EVER!!! Did you get my emailed pic?

Secondly - I thought that John's middle name was "A" until I read the other posts. I've always liked the name Helen, Lillianne and Mavis for a girl's name but... no girl yet.

Summary - I had no idea I was invited to your land!! What an honor! Me in a historic place such as yours?!? I'm packing my bags now...