Monday, November 17, 2008

November Book Giveaway

Ssshhhh. Listen Carefully. Do you hear it? The sound of tumbleweeds blowing around on my page. The whistling sound as my number of readers drop off? Commenters plummeting? So, what's a girl to do? Depend on the kindness of strangers and give away something.

The Gettysburg Family November Book Giveaway.

Here's the book I'll be giving away. Michael Crichton's Timeline. It's a gently used copy, because I rarely buy myself new books. That's silly.

The rules: Please leave a comment telling me your favorite historical period. No comment, no qualify. You also need to leave me some way to reach you. Comments are open until Friday, November 21, 2008. Random winner drawn on Saturday. I'm willing to ship worldwide. Judging by my numbers lately, your odds are pretty good here people!


City Mouse said...

Late Victorian/Early Edwardian! (Is that specific enough? LOL) Speaking of history, did I mention that I finally watched the movie I won here at this fine blog? You were right - it was really, really interesting. I loved the cranky Lincoln guy. He's cool. You should go visit him and camp out in his yard.

speedymac77 said...

Hi! You know, being here reminds me I have a picture to email you...I'll do that now.

I have no interest in your book - sorry. Not much of a reader!

michael in dc said...

Ahem - maybe you ought to run some stats on how often you post - that might be why your page views and/or comments are dropping. It actually takes *work* to keep a blog popular, as infuriating as that is.

Tracey said...

You crack me up.

I love all time periods, but if I had to choose... Dang. It's tough. I tend to go WAY back to like, cave periods, but only if the men and women were truly as equal and free with sex as Jean Auel portrays in her Earth's Children series. If not, then no thank you...

I also love the idea of being a Native American from about 5 or 600 years ago. But again, the idea of being someone's property and having an age of 30 being my goal isn't so grand, soooo... maybe not.

Honestly, I want to live only NOW. I'd love to SEE the times from history, but not to LIVE them. Some scary, freaky stuff happened in the past. NO THANKS!!

Jana said...

Hi Susan! If I was American, my favorite historical period would definitely be anytime pre-Columbian. And if it should be something more modern, I think 1960s are just amazing!