Thursday, October 2, 2008

That's Not Going To Be Fun...

That's exactly what Rich said when I told him our friend, Amy, had invited Girls Club for an outing to the Round Barn. "Have you been there? They sell apples. What's fun about that?" We ignored my husband and headed out with Amy and her daughter, Kaya.

Grrr.... Blogger won't let me edit where the photos are placed. So, this may be as chaotic to read as it feels to hang out with 2 four year olds and 1 one year old. Atlee posed as an apple.

Apples and donkeys? Atlee was nervous the donkey would take her whole hand and not just the apple. So, she kept dropping the apple.

She kept trying, but in the end just tossed it through the fence.

There were also goats. Kids definitely think goats are fun.

Greeley kept calling them dogs. Everything is a dog these days.

There were hay bales to walk on. Again, fun.

Kaya also posed as an apple.

Kaya was much braver about feeding the donkey- until he bit her hand off. Just kidding.

Fish!? See those smiles? That's because fish are FUN!

More dogs, er- goats, to be petted.

Did I mention the apples? There were plenty of apples. Apparently, we live in the "fruit belt". That's a fancy-schmancy term that means we have a whole heck of a lot of orchards in these here parts.

And places that sell apples? Yeah- they can be fun with the right company.


City Mouse said...

The "Fruit Belt?" Who thought of that silly name? LOL Looks like lots of beasty and apple fun was had - the Fall stuff is pretty awesome. I betcher thinking of Halloween already?

Anonymous said...

MMMMMmmm - apples. I just LOVE this time of the year. Apple pie, apple butter, apple sauce, apples apples apples.

The kids look like they had a blast! And this "Fruit Belt" thing - ok, I grew up in the Snow Belt of New York State...anything is possible I guess.

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Blake found an old Halloween mask from years ago I have of an old scary man. He freaked out!! Cried and screamed - ran into his bedroom and peeked around the corner to see if it was still there. And when it was, he screamed more. Kinda cute!

John A. Magee said...

That's odd. Everybody told me that I was in the Fruit Belt when I lived in San Francisco....

HappyHourSue said...

That looks likes such fun!
Re :Blogger: if you're using the old posting window, each photo you upload goes to the top. You have to PATIENTLY, slowly, drag them down to where you want them. Very frustrating. If you log in to Blogger and go to "Dashboard', it'll take you to the new posting set-up, where photos are place in the order you upload them BUT are harder to drag around once they're there.I usually switch back and forth, til it looks the way I want.


michael in dc said...

Historic Round Barn? Where is this place? I've never heard of it.

The day may have been gray for you but either that lighting or that camera made for some excellent pictures! The ones of the girls with the donkey are awesome - so clear! And the one of them with the apples is great, too! It's like an edgy fashion photo - especially with Kaya posing like a teenager. :)

Atlee seems to be changing every time I see her.

Formatting note: I tend to expect the text to be captions under the photos. It throws me off when they refer to the picture below them. Not that you have to change the way you do it. Just saying. (You know how I am.)

Glad you had a good time. What was with the fish? In the "one of these things is not like the other" game, the fish are the answer.

Tracey said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! Any farm place is fun for kids. Stinky old husbands and their grinchy attitudes... phhbbttt...

Daclaren said...

Wow...looks like they've expanded quite a bit in the decades since I went there as a kid. I seem to remember picking peas there, back when it was a pick-your-own place. (That was before Knouse Foods bought it - crap, I'm old.)

Fruit belt, indeed. I'll admit it - I'm a former Canner ('93). We always sort of thought it was a lame team name, but we always had one consolation. At least we weren't the Bubblers (Boiling Springs). ;)

Love the pics...looks like fun!