Monday, October 20, 2008

Stay At Home Mom: It's Not All Bon-Bon Eating

Remember when I told you a couple of posts ago that Amy was still speaking to me? Come on- you remember. She watched all three kids so I could go shack up in a hotel with my husband. Well, when I left my kids with her, I also left her an assortment of exotic fruits. They didn't get around to trying any that night, so she came over last week with all the zany fruits.

The pineapple was definitely the girls' favorite. Shea wasn't here to partake in exotic fruit sampling. Even if Shea had been here, he wouldn't have partaken in exotic fruit sampling. That would require trying something that doesn't belong to the Pop-Tart family.

Amy recently joined the ranks of Stay-At-Home Moms. It's nice to have someone to swap bonbon recipes with now.

Amy's holding a horned melon. No, not up there. In the picture below. The one up above is a pomegranite. Does it even look like a horned melon? I don't think so.

Have you tried a horned melon? I don't recommend it. She had printed out all sorts of information about the various fruits we were going to sample. The information on the horned melon said it was slimy. An accurate description.

Kiwi? A huge hit.
Starfruit? Another huge hit.

Sometimes you need more than fruit, though.

And so we went to visit our local pizza place, Roman's. The owner, Mike, made us a yummy pizza while we watched.

My hands were full of Greeley, so I couldn't really help with the two girls who wanted to see the pizza being made. Well, my hands were full of Greeley AND I clearly had to take pictures of all of this. Kaya and Atlee peeked over the edge to watch what Mike was up to.

Amy (I told you all she was brave) held two four year olds so they could see a bit better.

See? It's not all bonbons. Sometimes you have to sneak fruit and pizza in there too.


City Mouse said...

Amy is a brave woman. And I still contend - There should be a cartoon based on Greely. That face says way too much!

Anonymous said...

Where are the bon-bons?? I thought this would be a post about "How to Make Bon-Bons disappear"


HappyHourSue said...

What a cool idea - exotic fruit tasting. My problem would be my girls would be all: Mom- get Mangoes at the grocery store! and I'd be all: Get a job and pay for 'em.