Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the Interest of Full Disclosure...

Hey. How are you doing? Good. Good. I was trying to post some pictures, but my computer (remember? The one we paid $200 to repair?) isn't cooperating. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you all a little story of what happened to us yesterday.

Two nights ago, I happened to notice Greeley had a rash on the backs of her legs. Third child, rash, -eh, whatever. I'll keep an eye on it. She had a fever a few days ago, but she doesn't seem outlandishly cranky. A bit fussy, but tolerable.

Yesterday, the girls and I were heading into an appointment. As I'm using a wipe to try to swipe the lollipop slime off of Greeley's hand (lollipop=another sign that she's a toddler, not a baby), I notice that she has blisters on her hands. Blisters? Yes! Blisters.

I reschedule our appointment because I'm a little distracted. Did I mention my baby (when they're sick they're soooooo not a toddler) had blisters!! on her hands? We drive over to Rich's job site. I'm kind of thinking chicken pox, but would like a second opinion. Rich looks at the blisters and says, "I don't remember chicken pox but I say you take her to the doctor's." Reassured that I'm not overdoing it, I drive straight to the kid's doctor's office. No, we don't have an appointment, but I was wondering if you could get us in? Because my baby? My baby has blisters on her hands. They did get us in to see the doctor.

We do the initial weigh in, where Greeley stands on the big girl scale. Point towards toddler. She stands up against the wall so the nurse can see how tall she is. Another point towards toddler. We get into the doctor's office. He looks at her paws. He asks if she has blisters on her feet. "Um, I don't know. " We remove her sweet little sneakers to discover that her feet stink like her father's and that she does indeed have blisters on her feet. The doctor turns to his computer and starts to pull up the diagnosis. I see something, something mouth disease and say, "Hoof and Mouth Disease?! Isn't that something cows get?"

It turns out it's hand, foot and mouth disease. Judging by the paper handout he gave us that said, "Not to be confused with hoof and mouth disease", lots of people make the same mistake. It's like a cold. It's a virus. There's no treatment. She'll get over it. And with any luck, I'll be able to post the post I actually wanted to tomorrow.


City Mouse said...

Don't you just love fairly harmless sick things that look as if there were a horror movie taking place? Good you got to the doc and found out it was harmless. Except for the cranky baby part, I guess.

John A. Magee said...

I have to say that if we were to have a photo-less post, the one with blisters all over Greeley is a good choice for that honor. Ick!

Tracey said...

Very common but still freakishly concerning. Glad it's just that!