Sunday, May 4, 2008

Worst Blogger Ever...

Hello friends and family. I owe you an apology. I'm not a natural blogger it would seem. Otherwise, I would clearly have all sorts of pictures of this weekend's activities. On Friday, we set up a yard sale in the driveway. How many pictures do I have of Atlee saying, "How much is everything again? One hundred and eleven cents? Eleven cents?" None. How many pictures do I have of Atlee having a picnic on the lawn during the yard sale? None. Licking the last of the frosting off of the plate from a piece of cake? None.
How about Friday night? We all went bowling. Do I have any pictures of Atlee's slow motion approach to share? No, I do not. Saturday's cook-out at a friend's house? Do I have pictures of Atlee playing with her new friend? "Hey, Atlee, what's your friend's name?" "I don't know, but she's wearing pink." At some point, the little girl changed into a green shirt, and oh how it flummoxed my dear Atlee. "That's not her, my friend's in all pink." Do I have pictures of Atlee and her new friend. Sadly, again, no I do not.

So, I'm sorry my friends. I will try to do better. I will try to remember to bring the camera. I will try to remember to actually use the camera if I do bring it. I understand that my kids are just too damn cute and you need pictures. In the mean time, I offer these pictures from last week. Greeley loves to play with a ball. She also loves Rich's friend, Uncle Pete.
And this? This is a sleeping baby. Is there anything sweeter? I love how she flops onto her belly these days. It's such a big girl thing to do. She sleeps in our bed, if you didn't know. The tan thing in the background? That's the "Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper" that I swore she'd sleep in. Because this time? This time the baby wasn't going to sleep in our bed. Yeah, right, whatever. Just like I'll be better about taking pictures, too.


speedymac77 said...

I'm not sure if you're a procrastinator or a very busy mommy. I'm going for the 2nd choice! At least you're busy seeing the world and experiencing life! Notice most of Blake's pics are done inside?! It's not that we never venture out, but because each time we go, I forget the camera!

I will co-president the always-leaving-home-without-the-camera mommy support group with you.

John A. Magee said...

Bad blogging is better than no blogging.

We should get Monique to take some pictures of me in my cube or at a village meeting. And then I could write long essays on the application of polyhierarchical thesauri and descriptive metadata to content, or perhaps send along a detailed analysis of the subtleties of our village's lot coverage and side-yard setback ordinance or the mechanisms for using special assessment districts to share common shared utilities such as sewer.

Yeah, it's probably just as well that I don't have a blog....