Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Knew We Were Having Fun...

Hmmm. My friend, Amy, gifted me with these pictures today. Luckily, all of those times I forgot my camera, she had hers.

First is Atlee decked out in dress-up clothes. I think the umbrella and sunglasses together are a very nice touch. Turn your head sideways- I'm too lazy to switch it around and there's a baby grabbing my leg. Work with me, people.

Next, there were sparklers at a friend's house. Shea and Atlee loved, loved, loved them. Do you encourage an interest in pyrotechnics?

Do I look concerned? Because, I get skittish around kids and combustibles.

I think Shea was trying to remember a spell from Harry Potter.

Thank you Amy!


Sue said...

LOL- I actually thought she was lying down with the umbrella. I had to mention you in my pseudo-post today. I was laughing all.day.long about my new friend "terry".

michael in dc said...

Shea looks so GOOD when you can see his face!

michael in dc said...

Oops, posted on wrong entry. THIS is where Greeley looks happy in her pink tracksuit.