Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Myrtle Beach Pictures...

My Dad just sent us pictures he took while we were all on vacation in Myrtle Beach. Forgive me while I share...

The view from our balcony.

This is how Greeley spent much of her vacation.

The other time was in Mommy's arms.

Although, she did enjoy swimming.

So did the other kids. Shea REALLY liked the lazy river.

Atlee, too.

But not as much as she liked the beach. The ocean was everything she dreamed it would be. She's the reason we all went to Myrtle Beach. She saw an ad for it last winter (way to go Myrtle Beach marketing team...) and was very clear about her desire to go.

It was better than puddles. It had waves.

The beach also meant sand buckets and bubbles.

Would you guess she's a Pisces?


Anonymous said...

WOW - Shea without a video game! Altee is going to be a beach bum, marry a surfer and move to Australia. Greeley's reading the Sunday Times? Does she complete the crossword puzzle? Blake would eat that paper!

It does look dreamy right now. Especially since we still have snow banks!! Mark my word, I will go on vacation next year to a sunny and sandy location.

Anonymous said...

wow. good for you all. Greeley getting so big! sorry i am a bum for not being on here more. no internet connection, but hope that will change. moved to LP across from the mirror lake beach. cute little crooked place...skied my brains out this winter. will have to call soon to catch. glad to hear you're having fun. this is michele, cannot remember my password, so signing under anonymous...