Monday, April 7, 2008

Greeley: Little Sister Extraordinaire

Have you met Greeley? She's the littlest little sister around here. But, something's going on with Greeley. She's getting bigger.

Her sister did the same thing to me. Just woke up one morning all big. [Did you know Kodak doen't offer a "clean face" editing option? They should. Lots of moms would use it...]

She's started standing around a lot. Here she is standing up next to the couch. Thinking she's all big.

She feels really big hanging out with her big brother. Greeley has permission to hang out in Shea's room. Atlee? She has to request special permission from Shea (or a representative if he is absent...) to enter his room. By the by, Shea was the first to pull this "growing up" stunt. Still doing it. It's going so fast I keep expecting him to tell me he's off to college now.

See- She's standing up again. It's like she hasn't read the memo about how I'm not ready for her to leave this too brief babyhood behind and become a toddler. Why won't she read the memo?

Tempus Fugit. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like its time to preheat the oven for #4...

michael in dc said...

She has such a great face (or expressions)! And those blazing blue eyes!

Anonymous said...

do i see a little redhead ?- michele