Thursday, April 24, 2008

Extremely Rare Sight...

We had a pretty rare sighting around here. Shea was outside, in the fresh air, without a screen-TV, Computer, Gameboy- VOLUNTARILY!!!! Thank you to Uncle Gene and Aunt Bev, spoilers of children and providers of scooters, for giving me this beautiful moment.

Because you know what else he did? He fulfilled his role of bestest big brother in the whole wide world. He was teaching Atlee how to ride her scooter.

Helping her adjust the handle bars.

Oh- you can't quite see? Let me get closer.

She needs a bit of practice still. I look forward to it. Because when they work together like this, I almost can't breathe. The moment literally takes my breath away.

What was Greeley up to, you ask? She was trying to get the cat, AGAIN. Not such a rare sight.

So, the kids rode to the end of the block. Well, Shea rode. Atlee was frankly tired of riding her "wobbly" Barbie scooter. Her words, not mine. So, she did what most little sisters do- she ran behind her hero, her big brother.

Oh- you can't see them? That's because I desperately need a better camera. I've got camera envy, I'm afraid. Have you seen the power of Pioneer Woman's telephoto lens? She would've gotten a great picture. Want to buy me a new camera? I didn't think so.


michael in dc said...

Are you really reading ALL those books on the right? I mean: come on. :)

Sweet story.

(I think - if he adjusted her handlebars - he adjusted them too high.)

Sabrina said...

Too cute =)Isnt it funny how one sweet moment can make all the not so sweet ones go away =) Thanks for sharing and tell Shea stop getting so tall!!!

Gettysburg Mom said...

hey michael- you got me a bunch of those books... you think you'd be happy I'm not just tossing them into the back of the closet! :)

Anonymous said...

love shea's skater hair cut...getting a laptop soon and will be on more...we should have phone coffee soon-michele

Bruce said...

You're doing just fine Susan. The children look healthy and happy. Greetings always from Papa Bruce.

Gretchen said...

I miss my SuzieQ, sorry I missed your call. Got a weird message from Deb. ANYWAYS...come visit me at facebook and see all my new pictures!! Love & Kisses to all! Gret

Anonymous said...

I too have camera envy! Mine is about 6 years old and doesn't have the zoom or quickness that my fingers desire. I HATE waiting for the flash.

Your children are beautiful! Looks like its going to be a busy summer of chasing them around the neighborhood. But, it looks safe there.