Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anniversary Notes....

A belated Happy Anniversary to our co-nuptialists, John and Monique! This past Saturday was our 7th anniversary. It was almost as good as our 5th anniversary. That was the year Rich finally surrendered and called the plumber who fixed the well pump and gave me the gift of running water. It was a beautiful day. I think that's a tear in my eye at just the memory... This year was really good, it's just hard to top a gift of running water.

On Saturday, we went to visit Rich's brother and sister-in-law, Gene and Bev, for the evening. His brothers, John and Michael, also came. We were actually celebrating two March birthdays: Gene's and mine. While this wasn't planned to celebrate our anniversary, I didn't have to cook! Bev made yummy lasagnas. There were also two different cakes and ice cream. The ice cream had Girl Scout cookies in it. Can you imagine such wonders in the world? Girl Scout Cookies IN the ice cream.

It was a particularly great day for Atlee. She had three pieces of chocolate cake and she got to visit with the fluffy, white dogs. Meet Gene and Bev's fluffy, white dogs. Atlee loves them. Whenever Gene and Bev come up to Gettysburg, Atlee hopes they bring the dogs. The absolute best is if they bring the dogs and then take the dogs and Atlee for a walk around the block. So much excitement. She may actually pass out from the giddy thrill of it all someday.

This is Odin. Isn't he handsome? We'll get back to him in a moment.

Lest any of you Upstate New York people be confused, these are old pictures. We don't have snow like that right now! If they were recent pictures, there would be blooming flowers behind the dogs. Because it's not the Arctic Tundra-err, Upstate New York- and spring arrives before June. See how you can still see the grass through the snow? Isn't that cute?

This is Dakota. Isn't she beautiful? She's innocent in the following story.

Back to that story. When we first arrived at Gene and Bev's, Greeley was sleeping. She woke up after a bit and wanted to be held and cuddled. She wasn't quite cranky, but not thrilled with life either. I was holding her while she looked around. She wasn't sure what to make of the large white dogs walking by. Right about then, Odin realized he wanted-NEEDED!!- to be petted. He's a dog, so Odin communicates this need by barking. Loudly. He barks inches from Greeley's face while trying to get me to pet him. Greeley had never experienced anything like it and immediately started crying. Not delicate whimpers, but angry, confused, scared, robust screaming-crying. This made Odin momentarily confused and scared. Since he's a dog, he barked some more. Greeley cried some more. It was a self-perpetuating cycle. We eventually got them both quieted down. For the rest of the night though, Greeley would start crying if Odin walked into the room. He didn't even have to look at her.

Greeley does not share Atlee's joy of doggies.

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speedymac77 said...

Poor Greeley - those are rather large dogs! Especially since you don't have any of your own. Oh, poor baby. You know, a solution would be to get a few dogs of your own! Greeley would be able to re-introduce herself to puppy-love and Atlee would be in love!