Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Uncle Michael Post: Christmas Eve 2011

This is Atlee and Daddy playing Mad Libs.

For Christmas Eve, we were invited to brother Gene's for dinner. It was decided that Mommy and Emmy would stay home and the rest of us would head down.

When I got out of the shower I found the girls were dressed in finery befitting the season. At one point, Atlee jumped down to Greeley's feet and said "Ooo; I like your shoes." Greeley shrugged and said "It's easy when you're a princess."

Here's the princess now! She looked fabulous and when she randomly struck this pose at the top of the stairs so I asked her to recreate it so I could take a picture.

Here she is ready to head out; purse with pull up, stuffed reindeer and - as always - the leopard print jacket. Because if the Riordan girls are nothing else, they are WILD.

Since I took a picture of Gree, I tried to get the other two as well but I wasn't very successful.

At was decked out in purple.

Down in Maryland, Aunt Mary taught Atlee how to play Othello. What is Greeley doing? Looking for a piece that fell.

I think Atlee lost but it was probably because she was confused by the fact that Aunt Mary kept speaking to her in German.

Later, Uncle John played Shea.

Greeley has been feeling VERY affectionate lately. In the past week, she's probably told her mother "I love you" between 50 and 80 times. It would get old but she's just so cute.

Greeley: "Atlee! Do you want to go sit and look at the tree??"
Greeley really liked Uncle Gene's tree.

When we got home, it was back to business as usual. :)

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