Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Uncle Michael Post: Christmas Day 2011

Greeley bought Mommy a hat for Christmas. Emmy looks great in it.

He's a munchkin and a wizard!

Shea got the microscope he had been wanting. Then he proceeded to trip over the AC wire and knock it over. Here he might be checking out the slide collection he got.

It's a new Strawberry Shortcake movie!!
(Also: check out the cool tea set in the foreground!)

Atlee asked for socks. Atlee got socks.

Emmy got a safari truck. Later, Wilson "got" a giraffe.
(He was just answering to his inner wild animal.)

Shea got...uh...triops! (Forgot for a second.) What are triops? "They're basically sea monkeys but he asked for them," said Mommy. What happened to the triops? As Shea would say: "Welllllll...." (He boiled them, essentially.)

A Hello Kitty coloring book!

The real presents, though, require a video.

Witness the excitement!!

Then, there was the biggest reveal.

This is why Greeley was excited.

More gifts:

Emmy got his own kitchen playset, so he can stop stealing Mommy's spatulas!

This is a homemade sign Atlee got from Mommy promising a new fish.
Mommy drew the fish herself!
No, this is not Atlee pretending to beg by the side of the road.
This is the written side of the fish promise.
This was one of the presents I wish I had video from.
When she opened it, Greeley was very excited about her Barbies.
Emmy got a truck with some cars! He really liked it!
Which was good, because...

Trucks Part 1:

Trucks, Part 2

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Monique said...

A very belated thanks for all the fun photos and videos of your Christmas!!
Hope the year's off to a good start and that the guinea pig and fish are thriving.

Kisses from Michigan.