Thursday, October 14, 2010


No. This isn't one of those posts with a crazy abstract title. It's a post about Atlee and actual fossils.

(Well, and maybe it's also a good shot of Atlee's hair with blue streaks.)

Uncle Travi and his wife, Lexi, went fossil gathering last weekend. He was kind enough to bring us one for the kids to work on a bit. Atlee heard hammer and chisel and was all over it.

Rich even gave her safety goggles. I gave her the blue hair.

I don't know which of us gave her the blue eyes.

But she found the fossils all on her own.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Cool post! Love the last shot.

Anonymous said...


Love the blue hair.

I wonder what she'll be when she grows up.


Katrina said...

Cute pictures. Good idea with the safety goggles. I don't know about the hammer.:)

Wombat Central said...

You're a fun mom. I had blue streaks, too, but I had to do them myself when I was in college. ;)

Henry.and.Malcolm said...

We love fossil hunting almost as much as treasure hunting!

Uncle Michael in DC said...

I love the way her feet cross in the first picture.

The last one could be a photo in the "kiddie college" brochure. Or some kind of archeology summer camp. Maybe you could sell it to a stock photo company.

Gettysburg Mom said...

Um, Uncle Michael. How come when I click on your user name I get linked to some German thing? Do you have a stealth German identity I don't know about?

spokeit said...

Wombat's right: you're such a fun mom! I loved digging for fossils!

Anonymous said...

Well done! We found a trilobite fossil in a rock on the shore of Lake Ontario once, but it got lost in a move long ago.