Friday, October 8, 2010


No, spell check probably isn't going to recognize slackadaisical as a real word, but I think it's a fantabulous adjective for me this last week. Wait. It won't recognize fantabulous either. Eh.

When you don't post for a full week, you end up with a random mishmash of photos.

Chubs, er- Emerson, has started climbing onto stuff. This means Emerson's started falling down a lot more too. His current obsession is getting onto the dining room table. Evil parents always foiling a poor boy's plans.

As mentioned, we had some plans for last Saturday. We ended up unable to do all the things we had planned, but did make it to Trinity's birthday party. That's Amy's daughter. (Blog release on file.)

Amy had crafts planned. Crafts involving non-washable paints. She is indeed a wild woman.

Snow White can't believe her good luck.

Atlee's a sucker for painting things too. Rich is thinking about subcontracting her for some work in the future. She apparently cuts in around door frames like a professional.

After painting, there were cupcakes. Amy's so clever and sweet, she gave each kid a candle in their own cupcake to blow out. There's a reason my kids are head over heels for Amy. It starts with paint and cupcakes. And sparklers.

Even Shea comes to the table for cup cakes.

So, Amy and her craftiness left me feeling all inspired. I decided the girls and I were going to make paper maché piñatas. As mentioned on Facebook, they failed spectacularly. Or so I thought. The girls were still desperately excited to paint them.

Those are washable paints, by the way. I'm no crazy dare devil like Amy is.

What? It doesn't look like a pumpkin? Or did you notice that Snow White stepped out and Sleeping Beauty stepped in?

Atlee action shot.

Speaking of Sleeping Beauty...

Atlee decides upon the finishing touches for her, um, pumpkin.

Wilson was not interested once he realized there wasn't any food involved.

Poor dog. Wasting away to nothingness.


Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

Love the header photo! (I've been slacking off with my blog reading and just saw it now! Ahh!)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Sigh.... Emerson's getting so big.

Also, I need me a friend like Amy.

Anonymous said...

Eh, from one slacker to another - I've read this blog post but only NOW commenting. Sorry.

Emerson is just too cute - still baby-like. I love all the princesses in your home!!


Wombat Central said...

Those thighs on Emerson! *nom nom*

Uncle Michael in DC said...

That photo of Emerson (crouching tiger) does not look like him to me. Funny. It may be the self-awareness that seems to be in his eyes or the fact that he looks a lot more agile than I know him to be.

In his other picture, I want to poke his belly. Poke! Pokey pig! Poke the sleeping baby, which mommy says NEVER to do. (!)

Sigh. The princess. Or should I write "princesses," since she is more than one? Is she like God, as she is three princesses in one (Ariel being the third)? :D

You know who I took not video or photos of while I was up there? Wilson. Poor guy. Totally ignored. But that's what you get for being silent. You think he would learn from Squawky McSquawkers. I was happy to give him a couple sessions of intense love, though. If only he weren't shedding so incredibly.

You know, you can right click on my Facebook photos and steal them. I've done it with photos of me (did you get the reunion photos email?).

Today's secret word is: pekal.

Uncle Michael in DC said...

What is Atlee doing in her action shot, by the way? It looks like she's mixing chemicals in a test tube.

Secret word: noingste