Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time Capsule.

Do you know how much I love you all? So much I had to create a stinkin' You Tube account to show you this video. This action packed video.

Look for:
-Me picking swallowable (is too a word!) small stuff off the floor
-Emerson dragging himself around
-Me picking stuff out of my cleavage
-Greeley asking if she can please, oh please, give the dog a cookie
-Our dog!
-Greeley being her normal shy self

It's like a Gettysburg Family scavenger hunt!


Monique said...

This film fits right into the genre I love best, a small, human-scale film, you know, the sort with human drama but without all the explosions and SGI.

Love it.

Thanks for taking the trouble to get it posted for us! Emerson is clearly anxious to get moving. Greeley looks as cute and happy as can be. And I'm happy to see that "the dog" has joined you. So, ah, what's his name?

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Oh my word. I love you. I love the pile of stuff that the baby is pawing through. I love that you're just chillin with the girls hanging out. I love that Greeley stepped RIGHT in front of sweetie Emerson and said "Take MY picture!" while he managed to steal the toy from under her feet. We are too similar. (though, regrettably, my boobs are not nearly as glorious as yours are...)

Gotta go hang out with you someday soon...

Kaimoana said...

Was going to comment on how adorable Emerson is spinning in circles.
And then I saw the leg wiggle. LEG WIGGLE!
And all sensible thoughts were banished from my brain.

Wombat Central said...

Loved the pivot dance Emerson was doing. Its cuteness was only topped by the "swimming in air" move. Holy cow, is he adorable.
Greeley. Tape mee! Wins equal cute points. The dog. Oh, the dog. The sweet, inquisitive expression and the almost-constant wag made me want to smooch his little snoot.

Carol said...

It's like one big Adorableness contest.

michael in dc said...

When Emerson peeked out from behind Greeley's legs (the first time), I couldn't help myself: I waved at him. Just one finger, but still.

I also like the "Emerson-as-lazy-susan" move.

Today's secret word: unpoical

lisa said...

you are all so beautiful! greeley, emerson, you, the dog (no name yet?), the floor, ...i love the video!