Friday, August 6, 2010

Thanks to my mom!

Thanks to my mom, we have a handful of pictures from our trip to Maine last month. Seeing the cool lake reminds me of how hot I am.

Greeley may take the prize for loving the camp the most this year. She cried on the way home. A lot. Because she didn't want to leave. She repeated that phrase a lot. I really, really mean a lot.

Blame her?
Who's the happiest little girl? Greeley is.

Atlee might have been until she burned her back so badly she blistered. A lot. (That's known as a recurring theme.) She managed to enjoy making s'mores though because she is a trooper.

And while it may look like there was some marshmallow involved in this hair style, it was actually s'mores free.

Shea perhaps spent too much time watching Cartoon Network. I think next year, we'll tell him the cable doesn't work. We won't mention that we had Grandpa unplug it.

And just another Emerson picture- just because.

The camp in Maine offers outstanding sunsets. Not pretty enough for you?

There will be another stunning one tomorrow.

"Have a great time at the camp this week!", I say to my sister and her family that are enjoying their turn there. Greeley wishes she was with you!

I'm sorry the pictures are all so small. But not sorry enough to figure out how to resize them all right now.


Wombat Central said...

Looks sooo nice. It's a lake? What lake?

Also loving that "Something About Mary" 'do your babeh is sporting!

Monique said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Thanks. Pictures are never too late.

michael in dc said...

Maybe Greeley's Dad could take her up to the lake in Michaux, near the Mountain House. Or over by the covered bridge out by Pumping Station (they might be able to walk in the river there). Or he could bring her up here to visit the Ruggles; I'm sure they'd love her company and they have a river out back!

Today's secret word is: jursk

Dianne said...

Hey, we have a braided rug just like that! And a baby named Emerson. Spooky. :)