Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want to go to Cleveland.

So, you may have noticed I haven't put up anything new. Rich bought batteries on Monday, but they still have not leaped into the camera yet. Uncle Michael is coming on Saturday. My theory is he's a little concerned I won't get the batteries in the camera by Wednesday, the first day of school. He's coming to make sure I don't screw it all up. It's a theory.

Moving on. Tracey from Just Another Mommy Blog has a side gig, a moonlighting gig: Just Another Review Blog. And on her Just Another Review Blog she's offering up a giveaway to Cleveland. I would tell you all about how wonderful it is and how much work she put into putting all of this together, but I want to win it. There. I said it. It's not an honor to be nominated. I want to win it. And if I tell you all how awesome it is, you'll run over and enter.

So, I believe I have now followed the letter of her law, if not maybe the spirit.

ETA: So, big brother, PatioBoater, hopped on over AND ENTERED ON MY BEHALF! A whole new phase of shameless begging thus begins. Because, you see, I've used up all of my possibilities of entering. But those of you who have blogs and no interest in going to Cleveland could maybe, PLEASE, head on over and enter- with a little note that if you win THE TRIP GOES TO ME!!! Yes, it's shameless. Have you learned nothing about me on this blog yet people? Nothing?

Thank you for your assistance in getting the Gettysburg Family to Cleveland! Granted, the trip is only for four, so we'll have to see who we leave behind. My money's on Greeley these days.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

:) I think that your odds are greatly improving! Greeley is pretty cheap to get into most of the exhibits and the room could probably be upgraded fairly easily. Emerson's gotta be free for most, right?

Good luck!

speedymac77 said...

Shameless I tell ya! Why would you leave Greeley behind? Is it the terrible 3 thing? That's ok, she can stay home and help Wilson enjoy his kibbles! :D

Carol said...

LOL I hope you win. I've never known someone who wanted to go to Cleveland so badly.

lisa said...

emerson is under age! he can stay for free, i'm sure! don't leave little greeley behind, please!!!! i can't wait to see the photos! good luck!

spokeit said...

I'm with Carol- I've never known someone to want to go to Cleveland this bad- but I'm pulling for you1

sheila said...

Great trip! Being from the area you'll definitely will enjoy it when you WINNNNNNNNNNNNN! There's a TON to see here!


Love how you ended this post, omg so funny! said...

I want to go to Cedar Point, but I was considering lying and saying I want to go to Cleveland. But I won't, because really, I want YOU to go to Cleveland. Livin-in-sin-and-something-about-a-safety-pin-Cleveland-rocks and all that. But really want I want is a new blog post. Anyhow. SO - What's the word? Did you win it? By the way - Did you come visit here and I missed it?