Monday, May 10, 2010

I didn't almost die this time.

Because I'm pretty sure that's what some of you must have been thinking. Two weeks without a post. Um, sorry about that. I won't offer up some lame excuse since Rich always says there's no such thing as a good excuse. Yes, Mr. Freud, I did marry my father.

Greeley had the camera the other day. She shot clear up my nostril here.

Recorded the pony herd for posterity's sake.

Captured forever more that Mommy (me) watches way too much Wife Swap on Lifetime during the day. Who needs soap operas when you have Wife Swap?

This shot has it all. The half painted family room walls from when I decided I hated the paneling, but then stopped because - well because I rarely finish things. (Again, not offering any excuses up.) The pony barn that my dad made for Atlee that Greeley has taken over. The two dog kennels on the back patio- even though I own 0 dogs. (They're the big white fluffy dogs' kennels. Remember them? No? Here.)

I like the reflection in the coffee table in this one.

Barbie's ready for her close up.

This concludes the Greeley gallery portion of our post.

Greeley is sometimes a grumpopotamous. I think I made that word up, all by myself. I took the picture too. Because I am a big girl.

The other day I scampered down to DC to meet up with a bunch of lovely ladies from the Dooce Community. It was a fantastic lunch at Poets and Busboys. I got to meet Spoke, Girassol, Zannah, Sojotom and JessicaM. I was the only one to bring both a brother-in-law (Can I get a shout out for Uncle Michael? Woo!) and a baby (Can I get a shout out for Emerson? Woo!) It was a great time, and I believe we'll be doing it again. (My hand's a little cramped from all that linking.)

The only picture I took? This. My sharper image emergency flashlight/radio. The radio in the van died (read: Rich killed it) a few months ago. I was so excited when I realized I had this in the car and could listen to music on the drive down. Fuzzy music, but music.

Moving on. When I got home from DC Rich was listening to music with the kids. I was too slow on the camera to capture Greeley and Emerson dancing together.

Emerson is sitting up on his own these days. He also has a tooth. And rolls over on purpose. (He's been rolling over for a bit, but not intentionally. It was more that gravity grabbed a hold of him and flopped him over.) See the toe peeping out of the sleeper? Chomp.

Greeley the Grumpopotamous got a little jealous that I was taking Emerson's picture.

I don't think she shoved him over, but she didn't rush to pick him up right away either.

How does Rich solve sibling jealousy? Have the baby ride the toddler like a horsey.

So, yeah. I didn't almost die this time. Oh! And the Name that Offspring was Shea. Thanks for playing!


Wombat Central said...

How far away are you from DC? What a funster you are making that trip!

Gettysburg Mom said...

It's like an hour and a half- so not too bad. And it was fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!!! I love the sibling rivalry that is already beginning. Sweet, sweet Greeley could never push her baby brother! It must have been Rich!! :)

Arsen Darnay said...

Two weeks' of waiting for such a wonderful post is WORTH IT!!

sheila said...

How sweet. (greeley's photog shots!) and how cool that you got to go on a little jaunt! Nice! Even if there ARE NO pictures, lol.

Anonymous said...

I always find the combinations of gadgets that they make kind of weird - flashlight/radio, etc. We have a weather radio/flashlight. And now a car jumper/compressor. I imagine that it would take about two days to blow up your average tire if i wanted to use the compressor. LOL

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Love the Greeley and Emerson rivalry. AWESOME. Also love that you have dog crates but no dogs...

Monique said...

So glad to hear news, and see pictures, and there's even one of you, Susan! Love it.

The two back to back of Emerson and then Greeley standing in front of him are quite amazing. Those eyes on the two are so similar, so blue, so beautiful.

Hope you had a lovely Mothers' Day and were thoroughly endulged in your every whim (or, at least got some nice hugs and kisses).

Anonymous said...

I love that little toe peeking out of his pajamas- and he's even cuter in person, if that's possible!

Katrina said...

Love the pictures. Sibling rivalry is great, isn't it. Glad we were never like that!!! Hope you had a nice Mother's Day. Miss you!

Brigitte said...

Traffic on your blog must have skyrocketed during your absence... When I did not find anything new in the AM I checked again in the PM a couple of times.... So glad you're back with those delightful photos of the ravishing blue-eyes. And I don't really care who the photographer is.
Also glad to be in the majority when voting for Shae in the photo contest.

michael in dc said...

Wait - you didn't take a picture of the faucet at Busboys? I thought everyone did! I would have taken some pictures but I felt awkward, being the only MAN there. ("One of these things is NOT like the other...")

Gettysburg Mom said...

Spoke has the picture and has thus far failed to forward.