Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gettysburg Fireman's Carnival 2010

Oh, my friends. I've been stalling on this post. Each year the number of hits to my little blog spikes dramatically right now. That's because I always have a post about last year's Fireman's Carnival. Because it's fun. Because the kids have fun. Rides. Food. Fireworks. What's not to like?

That there isn't going to be one this year. That's what's not to like. I kid you not. A direct quote from the visit-gettysburg.com website says:

* Please note that there will be NO Gettysburg Fireman's Carnival this year since they have moved to a new location.

Here's the link if you don't believe me. I wouldn't want to either. I was going to call and confirm, but I think I'm in the midst of denial.

The actual link here.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Ack! Oh no! What will you do without that spike in hits?!? I say that you need to turn up that Treehouse Watch thing a little hotter...

Wombat Central said...

I say make your own dang carnival in your backyard and post pics from that.

Gettysburg Mom said...

I should clarify. It's not that I get a spike from the pictures. It's that everyone is looking for the dates of the carnival and I end up with a zillion extra visitors from last year.

No Carnival also means no fireworks.

{sobbing quietly in the corner]

michael in dc said...

Uh, could someone please clarify what exactly the website statement means? That the "Gettysburg Fireman's Carnival" will now be held in Carlisle? By the Shriners? Who, exactly, are "they?" The mysterious "THEY" that always does these things???

Also: I thought I saw something about a Volunteer Day in the beginning of June. Does Rich know about this? Is the family going? Good family outing (says non-parent uncle mike)!

today's code word: movest

Amy from www.visit-gettysburg.com said...

Hello, this is Amy from http://www.visit-gettysburg.com
I'm sorry the news on my calendar was such a disappointment! I'm sad, too. It was a nice fireworks display. Anyway, my source for this news was Aunt Alice. She plays Bingo at the firehall regularly. I have not spoken with the firemen's association nor have I heard about any alternative event plans. They have to do something for a fundraiser, don't they? If you learn anything, please let me know! I actually live south of Gettysburg near Westminster, MD. We're having problems funding the local fireworks display here, so I don't know where to go this year. At least there are still carnivals around in the area, if not in Gettysburg. Harney's carnival is July 5-10. http://www.harneyfire11.org/

Amy from www.visit-gettysburg.com said...

Hello, again! I did some more investigating, and it's Hanover, PA that changed their carnival for this year. YES, there WILL be a Gettysburg Carnival with fireworks on July 2!!! Please see my updated calendar of events.