Thursday, May 20, 2010

Uncle Michael's Camera: Part One

I didn't bring a camera to Atlee's field day last week. So, I'll go ahead and say (AGAIN), "Thank goodness for Uncle Michael." Not only did he come up from DC to join the festivities, but he brought his camera. Aaaand then, he emailed those pictures. Along with some vague threats about how they'd better materialize into a blog post.

So many pictures, we have to break them into smaller posts.

Let's talk about sweet Atlee's clothes here. It was a humid eighty plus degrees. And Atlee was wearing fleecey sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt. Yeah, I'm awesome.

Makes it easy to pick her out of a crowd, right?

Unless you confuse her with the Greeley-bird, who was also sporting long sleeves and pants.

Emerson? Yup- long sleeves.

Cousin It in long sleeves? No, it's Atlee.

Selfish mommy? Tank top.

Emerson and I made our own shade.

Greeley didn't watch Atlee doing her field day stuff that much. Know why? Slide, that's why.

I'm pretty sure the sweat just made her go faster.

Be on the lookout for UMC: Part Two soon.


Carol said...

Great pics

Anonymous said...

I do that too - dress cool and over-dress the toddler. I'm going to wear a mini-skirt and a half shirt; however, you must wear a long sleeve shirt, fleece, lined pants and winter boots. Oh, don't forget your hat!! LOL

I love the pictures!!!! Another score for the bro!

michael in dc said...

Picture 1: The parachute game! Does everyone remember the parachute game? Great fun! (I would guess, even now we would find it so.)

Picture 2: "[This color] changes!" and you run under to another space. I found that Atlee often ran to another color. Oh, well. I suppose it doesn't really matter.

Picture 3. Her shirt says "I [heart] my [kitty face]." PERFECT SHIRT. And those are definitely some birdy arms extended.

Picture 4. Look at that CHIN!! Droopy, chewy, CHIN!

Picture 5. This is a game of Sharks & Minnows - observe the unlucky player in the background who is being tagged with a rubber shark.

Picture 6. Huus dat liddle person in dere! Hoos dat person??

Pic 7: Tent event! Baby rides in style.

Pic 8: None of the slide pictures turned out as I would have liked.

code word: bratiz

Monique said...

What fun! Love the pictures and the ida of that hot day of games! I hope ice cream fit in there somewhere.

Thanks Michael, for photos and added game explanations too.

Brooke Trout said...

Nah, the long sleeves are good! You're worried about exposure to the sun! GOOD MAMA!

sheila said...

lol, so cute! LOVE your shade thingy!

Anonymous said...

I think we can forgive you for wearing a tank top ... since you were also wearing a baby.