Friday, August 1, 2008

Doctor's Visit

We all piled into the van to go to Greeley's doctor's appointment the other day. Rich was working which meant I had all three kids along for the ride. The kind doctor asked all sorts of questions about what Greeley's been up to developmentally. The conversation turns to her diet. What does she eat? Meat, pasta, fruits and vegetables. All the things that make me appear to be a competent parent. The doctor looks at his computer, looking for the next question. Into this silent vacuum Shea adds, "She really likes Sprite." I turn and look at him, completely dumbfounded. "What?" Later, I'm telling Rich the story- explaining how I felt like our nice doctor was looking at me suddenly as though I was putting Dr. Pepper in her baby bottle. Rich asked me, "Did you at least point out it was caffeine free?" Um, no.


City Mouse said...

Long as you haven't taught the babe how to use the coffee maker, I think you're doing okay. Glad you're all happy and healthy!

Anonymous said...

This just confirms my belief; kids say thing darnest things - especially to doctors, police and other adults. However, it goes the other way too - old folks say the craziest things too.

Sunday we were in the lovely Lake Clear General Store when an older lady was trying to get Blake's attention and she says this, "oh baby, if you don't come over here, I'm going to beat you over here!" WHAT!?!? I was almost going to beat her but it would have been too easy since all I had to do was take away her cane! The hubby thought it was pretty funny. Figures!

michael in dc said...

[me laughing]