Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gettysburg Kids at the Playground...

The reason we went to Upstate New York last week was to have a delayed celebration for my brother, Bob, and his wife, Dani. They were hosting a casual party to celebrate their wedding last year. They unexpectedly got married last summer. There is a fine tradition in our family of getting unexpectedly married. My parents did it twenty-five years ago. Rich and I and my brother, John, and his wife, Monique, all got unexpectedly married together seven years ago while on vacation in California. So, it wasn't as surprising to our family as it might be to others when Bob and Dani got unexpectedly married last summer.

Anywho, the party was at a park on Lake George. There was food, swimming AND a playground. I'm pretty sure Atlee thought it was the best party ever. The only way it could have been any better for her would be if Bob and Dani had maybe rented a couple of kittens for the afternoon, too.

Greeley loves to swing.

She really loves to swing.

Our co-nuptialists, John and Monique, walked Atlee down to the lake to see if she would like it. Atlee like water? She assured Monique she would love it. She didn't have to see the lake to know she would love it.
This is one of the big boats that cruise around Lake George. This is actually the Lac du Saint-Sacrament. I worked on this boat, briefly. I believe my job title was hostess. I only recall folding a lot of cloth napkins. However, I was a young, irresponsible teenager who had difficulty with (ahem) punctuality. You know what happens when you try to call in late when you work on a boat? Ready? You miss the boat. Can't really fold napkins when you miss the boat.

Shea discovered a new found love of merry-go-rounds.

All of the kids were enjoying spinning themselves to a state of altered consciousness.

Atlee had fun. And why wouldn't she? Let's review: food, sand, playground, lake.

It's too bad all of my siblings are married now. I'm ready for another party.


City Mouse said...

Ah, does my heart good! Pics of kids AND an Adirondack Lake. What more could you want? Hey! I recognize that boat! Went on the Minnie Ha Ha once. It was okay. Mostly because we were too cheap to spring for the other boat.

Happy kids!

michael in dc said...

Not that I don't think she's lovely but in that first picture, Greeley looks a **little** bit like Chucky from "Child's Play." It's something about the way she smiles and yet frowns at the same time. And those vicious-looking front teeth. :)

Gettysburg Mom said...

Ummm, Michael? Are you trying to lose the coveted bestest brother-in-law title? 'Cuz you might if you compare my baby to a horror movie character. I'm just sayin'...

Ann said...

What great pictures and stories to go with.
I feel like I've had a great day with you!

Michael said...

I love that picture of John, Monique and Atlee.