Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend Round-Up

Two birthdays on one day. Whew. I am tuckered. It took me two days to recover enough to post these pictures. And I wasn't even the one running around.

Amongst the celebrating for neighbor John's birthday, there was sprinkler goodness. Have you heard that Atlee enjoys water? Did you know that?

She's passing on this love of water to her little sister. Greeley's finally getting old enough to act like a sister should. At least, like a sister should in the world according to Atlee.

Little sisters should splash in puddles and sprinklers with you.

They should also leave all of your My Little Pony's alone.

If you haven't purchased Atlee's Christmas present yet, can I suggest a sprinkler? You can probably go out now and get one for like ninety percent off.

After our neighbor's birthday party, it was on to Uncle Travis'. His big brother was celebrating, too. This involved camping and tents and such.

At one point, some people with backpacks walked by on the road. You could almost see them wondering if this campground was open to the public.

Or if the economy has taken such a downturn that tent cities are making an appearance in South central PA. Lots of kids means lots of tents are necessary. Some of the kids helped set them up.

Not my kids. They wandered around aimlessly.

This is Travis' dog, Nico. He's a Great Dane. I feel the need to introduce all of you to the dogs we hang out with sometimes. Greeley correctly identified him as a dog, not a horse. I was very proud. See that table in front of him? That's not a coffee table people. That's a full size table. Great Dane's are big, if you didn't know.

Once it got dark, Christy brought out the glow sticks. You can't see their amazing glowiness from my pictures.

I assure you, it looked like a rave. Only there weren't any hallucinogenic drugs and there were a lot more kids.

See baby's new shoes. Toddling out of baby hood. But at least she's toddling in styling shoes.

The kids had a great time camping with Rich. Greeley and I headed home and had a great time sleeping in our bed. We did manage to make it back the next morning for Eggs Benedict- er- to pick up my family. What did you do this weekend?


Tracey said...

Fun weekend!! My kids love the tent. And anything that goes along with it!

Anonymous said...

WOW - that sounds like a FULL weekend! I think most kids LOVE water and mud. While you were gone, Blake helped me weed the garden. Really he was playing in dirt AND he didn't try to eat any of it. Proud moment for mommy!!

I thought we guys were working on the Mountain House all this time and you were out partying...you know, the Mt. House won't get done without you! Believe me; I try this with laundry all the time - ignore it and maybe it'll go away. Nope - ignore laundry and it keeps growing and piling up out of control!!

AdkJen said...

Lucky kids! Did they have b-day cake for dessert for lunch and dinner? :)

We returned from two weeks of camping in south western PA -- sorry to not have visited on the way thru, but I90 is much nicer with three kids on a ten hour drive, ya know?

We love love love the lots of mini-vacations too (who cares if they're sometimes not too "mini")! In another week we'll be off to the beach for another week of camping fun. It's the only thing we can afford these days.
As long as we have the cash for gas and food, we're all set!

City Mouse said...

Those are kids after my own heart - I totally have a water thing. Sometimes, up north, I toss the pump down the well and run a hose to a sprinkler. Just because I can. I pretend like I am watering plants, but really I'm not.

Cool kicks!

Anonymous said...

I had to leave another comment about the horse, rather dog. Does he have a saddle?

(I can't believe Greeley called it a dog...I would think pony...) Such a smart, beautiful baby...errr, toddler.

michael in dc said...

She does look all grown up in her little sporty shoes. Perhaps soon you and she can go power-walking at the mall. Or Wal-Mart. :)

HappyHourSue said...

That looks like fun! We have been B-O-R-I-N-G. But Aquarium Today so I can feel like a good mom.