Thursday, April 26, 2012

Work It OUT!

Susan read something online that spurred her to want to lose some weight.

11:40am 70 sit-ups done. Shoo, 15lbs, shoo.

11:51am I'm trying to get in the habit of doing them 3xs a day. And drinking water. I suck at drinking water. And banana chips are not the same as swedish fish. :)

2:53pm Chocolate chips cookies not helping the cause.

[Uncle Michael says: BBQ chips and Suzy Qs here.]

8:31pm 25 more situps and [a good walk] here. And a theory that cookie dough has no calories until it's cooked - so this afternoon wasn't too bad.

9:10pm Google ideal weight for 6' - weight watchers has a range of 147 to 184. That's some range.

[Uncle Michael says: I'm not even 6'. That's depressing.]

9:15pm Have you tried lifts in your shoes?

Next Day

90 situps.

[Uncle Michael says: How do you have time to do these? Is em watching TV?]

[Uncle Michael says: You should do them with Shea in the evening.]

He [Shea] did the other day. He does them twice as fast. Yes - sit ups happen because of mickey mouse clubhouse. I pay shea to watch em at night so I can walk wilson.

[Originally posted April 26]

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