Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recent Texts From Susan

March 30: Switching from high fructose corn syrup gum drops to dried fruit. It's a step.

April 1: My house is pretty darned clean. Even my laundry room, which is sporting a brand new-to-me freezer.
April 1: It won't stay clean, but it is for now. Freezer was a gift from [family friend]. Soon to be filled with local farm pig.

April 3: Swedish fish: sirens of the bulk section - calling to me....

April 4: If I shake my pedometer I can make it think I'm exercising and earn my 10,000 step rewards faster. What? Not what Aunt Mary had in mind?
[I wrote back that I had had similar thoughts, specifically about attaching it to my "jiggly" leg while I watched TV.]
Susan: I think jiggling leg is exercise. As long as you're moving, right?
[I told her there have been articles saying that fidgeters lose weight - that's me!]
Susan: My arm's tired. It's kind of too much work.
[I said "Why don't you give it to Emerson and let him shake it up?"]
I didn't say I wanted it broken. What are the rewards and how many 10,000's of steps involved to redeem?
[My understanding was that after 10,000 steps you could get something like a $25 gift card from Amazon.]
62.5 days of reaching 10,000 steps will get you a $10 target card.
["Ten thousand steps every day for 62 days??!"]
Uh hunh. I'm tired thinking about it.

April 10: Hmmm. I seem to have misplaced a check for $160. Upsetting.
April 10: Found the check in the couch when Em tore it apart!!

- Uncle Michael

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