Sunday, November 20, 2011

Riordans in Maryland

Yesterday there was a family reunion in Maryland with some of Rich's mom's family.

Outside they had a neat bean bag game. Uncle Michael played Shea the first game.

Emmy wanted to check out the equipment, make sure everything was on the up and up.

OR it could have been that he found a new toy.

Then he found a platform to speak from.

As is standard procedure in these things, the game quickly broke down into something totally different.

Greeley was wearing a short dress with no leggings and it was a little chilly out. "You're going to catch cold," Uncle Michael said. "Mommy says I already have one," she replied. Uncle Michael lent her a hat to her anyway.

Soon it became less about getting the bags into the holes and more about getting the bags to hit your opponent in the face.

Uncle Michael went to the other side of the yard - and, as usual, was followed. So we ended up playing that age-old game, "Chase Uncle Michael." Notice the frequent shots of Uncle Michael's bald pate.

It was really cold outside, so this footage (of how the game transformed from "toss" to "war!") was taken from inside.

Greeley in a position of power.

Further out in the yard, Atlee discovered horseshoe pits.

Emmy was very excited with these strange new implements.

After playing with the horseshoes at his pit for a couple of minutes, I told him that Atlee had abandoned her pit so we could go get her horseshoes.

I would just like to point out that Emerson did this himself. He picked up the heavy shoe and then positioned it over his shoulder to carry it. I have no idea why but I was very impressed.

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