Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Actual Gettysburg Mom Post

What have we have we been up to for the last six months?

A selection for you....

There were evening walks with little girls in pink sparkly dresses with flamingo paper lanterns.

There were also maniacal little girls riding big wheels on those walks. Also wearing pink.

There was a sweet little boy asking his daddy why he loves his boat more. "Why, Daddy, Why?"

There may or may not have been a princess themed homemade hammock in the climbing tree out front for a while. Oh, OK, there totally was.

And water fights with giggly little boys.

There was lots of swimming in the pool in the backyard. Not to be confused for in the spring when the back yard IS the pool.

Somewhere in Cleveland, I decided that I still loved my husband.

And then we both decided that we loved Cleveland- even if we didn't end up going to a lot of its more popular sites. That's the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame up there. I hear they have Lady Gaga's meat dress on display now- so that's something.

This fall there has been candy corn, candy corn, candy corn.

Sweet Wilson has apparently gained 40 pounds since he joined us last year. So, no candy corn for him. And he has asked that- out of respect- we keep all snap shots of him framed as the neck up only.


michele buck said...

The pics and story are great Sue!

Uncle Michael in DC said...

How funny is it that the candy corn picture makes Greeley look like a senior citizen taking her pills?? :D

Today's secret word: "calor" (means "heat" in Spanish! oooo! I am intrigued!)