Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Lunch Meeting [UMP]

Uncle Michael met Susan, Greeley and Emerson in Shady Grove for a quick lunch.

Emmy needed to get his shoes put on to go into McDonald's. As I held him up for Mom to put his shoes on, he noticed something in the distance.

Inside McDonald's, Emerson was his usual whirlwind of activity. Both he and Greeley were interested in the display case showing off what toys were available with the Happy Meals but only Emerson noticed that the display case seemed to be a bit open and he thought he could maybe just get his toys directly.

Greeley and Emmy in Mickey D's (as my dad used to call it).
(I tried to upload this video about five times but it's too large. Hopefully you'll be able to see it.)

We soon claimed a table to have our lunch while mommy waited in line for the food. If you see some fingers in the edge of this video, it's because Greeley was feeling a bit left out.

Finally, to give Greeley a bit of attention, I asked her about her extensive tattoos - but unfortunately I didn't have much memory left.

Later, Emerson showed off his impression of a mountain lion.

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