Friday, July 8, 2011

Uncle Michael Rectification

We shall begin here a set of flashback posts with what pictures I have.

I visited at the end of May for a few days but ended up being there until the beginning of June.

First, there was the pick-up:

Greeley had some blue stuff she was drinking and many interesting things to say, among them that she was a big girl now (because she's bigger than Emerson and he's the baby) and that she didn't like many boys but I was among the few that she did.

Emmy didn't do much except giggle and slobber. He talked to himself a lot while Greeley talked to me.

I took this picture to show the convenient way that Katy(Cady?) set herself up in the back seat so she could rest her head on Atlee's armrest. (Atlee was not there.)

When we got home, the older kids were just getting home from school. I had all my stuff on me and Atlee said "Come here" and then proceeded to hang her bookbag around my neck. (There are two other bags around my back you can't see.)

Emmy wanted to come down and greet the big kids, too!

GASP! Could it be....THE BOAT??!? But still under wraps! Don't worry, all will be revealed.

Uncle Travi and Aunt Lex came by with their new baby! (Whose name I totally don't know. Oo. Sorry.)

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