Friday, July 22, 2011

Uncle Michael Is Back in Town!

What's been going on in Gburg that past couple of days? Well, let's check the tape.

On Monday night, I drove back to D.C. for a meeting. On Tuesday I drove back up. On Tuesday morning, I got this text:

I sent a text when I left home and this one came in soon after:

Tuesday night

[Note: She was quickly freaked out and unhappy and didn't want to watch more than one.]

On Wednesday, Amy came over with her girls and they all enjoyed some fun in the backyard.

Unfortunately, the focus of their "fun" became "soaking Uncle Michael."

I tried to hide behind a tree but they got me, so I ran away.

Later, after the water was turned off, they all came up to get drinks. When I came out to take pictures - BAM! "Hug him! Hug him!"

Hugging was a way to soak me with their wet clothes.

Atlee and Kaya chatting.

Emmy had missed out on the earlier water fun because he was asleep, so I filled up the water table for him and Trinity played with him.

Meanwhile out in the yard, the rest of the girls had set up a discussion circle.

Actually, it was a story circle. And what were the stories?

Emmy, meanwhile, was having a good ol' time with his water (AND his new toys from Wyoming!).

I took a break from hanging out with Emmy to sneak up on the girls but I was caught.

The next part of the story involves me throwing water on the girls and the girls retaliating with watering cans and buckets and then some smart girl getting the hose and stretching it out to the back of the yard and soaking me good. Once I had emptied my pockets (sorry, cell phone)(it survived), I rejoined the fight but good and stole the hose and soaked back. Unfortunately, they were all wearing bathing suits and had already been wet, whereas I got soaked in my clothes.

Still, we had a lot of good fun.

Near the end of the water fight, a butterfly showed up! Everyone was entranced. Emmy started but Greeley was obsessed with catching it.

Later, Kaya and Atlee attempted to silently stalk it.

Thursday it was hot as hell. So you know what we did? Stayed inside and sat around.

Atlee gave Emmy a piggy back ride!

Greeley went with Petey on a ride down to her aunt's. For the trip, they dressed up!

Today we went to Caledonia!

Emmy was loving it, as you can see.

The water fountain was a lot of fun and was also something that hypnotized Emmy. It worked by footpedal!

Everyone enjoyed the water. Emmy the most. He wanted to jump in the deep end and was unhappy that Mommy wouldn't let him do that.

Greeley's main aim today was to swim with her head underwater.

Since I didn't get it fully, I had her try again so I could film the whole thing.

Oops. That was a little hard on her.

I made sure I doubled up and got some photographic proof, too.

She wanted to continue to prove herself, so she said "Let's go deeper!"

I didn't get much of Atlee but here she is swimming as well.

Now the house is quiet as everyone is asleep. Uncle Michael is sunburned; Atlee has raccoon sunburn around her eyes and everyone is worn out. It was a great day.

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