Friday, February 18, 2011

Like a Hurricane.

I'm sorry I'm not around much lately. I had a baby boy.

The last two children were girl children. Girl children are different than boys. Oh, they're destructive in the toddler years, but it's a different type of destructive. It's more subtle.

There's nothing subtle about Emerson.

I always like to offer up a few scavenger hunt features on videos, so be sure to look for:

-empty beer bottles on dirty counters, because I'm classy like that

-the oven light that is ALWAYS on these days

- the discarded carrot lying on the floor

-the sprinkling of dog food that is again ALWAYS around

Let me know what your favorite thing is! Is it the barbecue tool in the dining room or the sink so full of dishes you can't see the sink?


Anonymous said...

You always make light of any situation, it doesn't matter what hte gender is of the spawn but, you're just so carefree. Oh, how I envy you!

BBQ tool - I thought it was the bottom of a chair that had been disconnected since I have one of those.

Now, Emerson - you cutie! I love kids in footie jammies. He talk, walks and get his own drink? Awesome!


Kaimoana said...

He may be a monster, but at least he's a cute monster.

Adirondack Incense said...

My favorite part is the partly open broiler door ... and reminder that danger and disaster could be lurking around any corner.

Katrina said...

I love most the innocent face of Emerson. Love it!!!

Monique said...

Oh my... he is a handful, an adorable, sweet, amazing HANDFUL. I love the fact that you keep teaching as you go about the day, his little spungy mind absorbing everything as the day goes.

Keep up the good work, dear. It's got to get easier, don't you think.... in a few years... maybe you can pick up a book again.

Uncle Michael in DC said...

My favorite thing is that cute kid's oh-so-hip hairdo. He is one of a kind! I also like the "Emerson-to-Mom" translation, i.e.:

Emerson: Baaa!
Mom: Cat! Right!
(Me: WHAT???)
:P Jus kiddin

Uncle Michael in DC said...

Just watched it again. The kid is just SO CUTE! Can't wait to see him....whenever I get there next. :)

I will concede that for "cat" he said "caaaaa...." I think it was cup where he said "puhhh" and you said "Cup!" and I was like "That's not what he said!" :D

This is making me doubt the whole "his first words were 'thank you'" creation myth. :)

Today's secret words is: fily si