Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reason #608 my husband rocks as a father.

Because he decides to have a condiment tasting session with our kids. (Sans Shea.)

You know, to taste all of the condiments that are in the refrigerator. Or things that might be considered sometimes, maybe, rarely, never as a condiment.

With scrambled eggs as the ... subject? Dippee? Tasting medium?

I'm not sure of the right word.

And he wouldn't tell them what was what until after they tried it.

Emerson was not a fan of the hot peppers.

Atlee either.

A veritable palette of choices.

Atlee is maybe asking Rich who would ever want to use raspberry jam on eggs? It's crazy! It's just so gross.

And now we know -thanks to Rich- that Greeley totally would.


Patioboater said...

Truly lucky tasters would get to taste the hot pepper jelly that Monique bought me for Christmas. Yummy *and* spicy!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Jam on eggs... Hmmm... That could work. Jam is some tasty shizzat.

Monique said...

What a wonderful idea!! Is it any wonder that your kids are so adventurous, curious, smart and fun?

I do have to ask about the big bag'o Beneful in the background but very near the table... I hope that wasn't part of the tasking... medium.

Gettysburg Mom said...

Emerson's a big fan of Beneful.

Greeley was always more of a Friskies fan.

I once told her to grab a big old handful of dog food when she was hungry (kidding, I swear)- and she looked up at me with huge eyes and said, "But...but...but.... I only eat cat food!"

Uncle Michael in DC said...

Was is "gross" or "gwose?" (I've actually become accustomed to - and fond of - her mispronunciations.) When I read "gross" I immediately thought of her saying "gwose" and it made me smile.

It looks like Em likes whatever it is he's got in his hand because he appears to be shoving it in his face. :)

Uncle Michael in DC said...

LOVE the quote from Gree and can totally see her saying it. Hilarious.

Has Rich ever talked about our "science projects" when we were kids, which entailed mixing all the condiments - and whatever else was on the shelves in the pantry - in a cup and regarding it closely in case it reacted in any way (it never did).

Also: a friend of mine recently made me scrambled eggs and didn't have any regular milk so she mixed in soy milk which was VANILLA and so the eggs were slightly sweet! Totally awesome experience.

I told my roommate and he talked about a place in FL that made eggs with curry and dill.

Anonymous said...