Sunday, November 28, 2010

Uncle Michael Post: Wherein I Show You What She Left Out

"Hello, I'm Greeley, pictures should always be about me."

Remember how Shea was horrified by what had happened to his hair? What she didn't tell you...

...was that Emerson was equally shocked.

Or he could have been reacting to this chili cheese dog his daddy made for himself.

Greeley went to Mardi Gras! (Ok, wrong time of year.)

Who is this fashionable lady? A friend of Paris Hilton's, perhaps??

Nope! It's just the Greelinator, out on the town!

Oh, wait! It looks like she's going swimming!!!

[Editor's note: Swimming pictures are too blurry; not worth posting. Sorry.]

They apparently went to a wedding or something. I'm posting this picture for the light globes. Just beautiful. Now check them out when it's dark.

How cool is that? So cool.

Look how good her husband looked! You'd think he was running for office!

Remember that trip they took to a farm? This is Atlee doing her best Miley Cyrus impression - "I throw my hands up, they're playin' my song..."

The place was so amazing, Greeley had to call Barbie. "Barbie, did you hear me?? This place has horsies!!!"

Here she has the phone closed but I'm pretty sure she's using it on speaker. "Barbie! Dude! I am touching one of them RIGHT NOW!"

Future heartbreaker. There is no doubt about it.

I call this one: "Still Life with Chicken."

Later, at someone's house...
Atlee firing up the ol' bubble maker.

"How does this thing work again? [mumbling] I could have sworn I knew how to work this..."

Atlee blows a bubble and we see the classic Greeley frown.

Such a pretty girl.

Do you know about the family trip to the diner?

Here Shea is transforming. I see him slightly as a Twilight fan here. It's something about his hair.

Here the slouch makes him into Emo Shea. I imagine this as his college persona (the cup is full of coffee, in college). "Yeah, I'm working on my music right now, but, I dunno, maybe I'll just chuck it and move to Cambodia."

Another farm visit! Alpacas!
White ones!

And black ones!

This picture made me want to write a children's book called "Atlee and the Alpaca."

Brave wanderers among the alpacas.

Does Emerson like alpacas? It would appear that he does.

Of course, Emerson likes all kinds of crazy things.

And lastly, SOUP!

More SOUP!



Monique said...

Oh, Michael, THANK YOU, THANK YOU... what fun all these photos are and your comments are perfect.

I would definitely vote for that guy with the green tie!

And Greeley, texting with her phone... too much.

Gettysburg Mom said...

"Here she has the phone closed but I'm pretty sure she's using it on speaker. "Barbie! Dude! I am touching one of them RIGHT NOW!""

Cracks me up every time I read it.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole post!!! And, you're right - GM and her hub make some beautiful children!!!