Monday, November 29, 2010

Uncle Michael Fills In The Blanks: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a rather low-key affair, kind of like a regular dinner but with a more....uh..."luxurious" meal. (Seriously, it was great. Thanks, Susan!)

Here's a picture Susan took before everyone came to the table.

A wonderful bird, stuffing, peas, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry.

She also made a pie the day before for dessert.
This is a top-down photo. There doesn't appear to be a side-on photo, which is too bad because it looked like she put a couple of shirts in there - not in a bad way, I just mean the pie was about (or seemed to be) 5 inches from top to bottom.

It was an apple pie. I didn't have any, so I can't attest to its deliciousness (but Rich seemed to like it just fine).

The night before, everyone had some ice cream (there were three boxes of it in the freezer, for some reason) and one box got finished off. Then it was given to...."The Cleaner."

He got straight to work.

He was very dedicated to his work.

There are no more pictures of the worker, except for the indecent one of him taken from behind. So we'll just end it here.


Patioboater said...

Hmmn ... It may be time to get Uncle Michael out here to sort out my own photo backlog.

Monique said...

A nice looking feast, though I'd have enjoyed a picture with the eaters at the table! The first Thnaksgiving at the new table, no?

Nice. Now, if you can just get those kids to eat pie... Then again, if they don't, there's more for the pie lovers so, perhaps it would be best to let things just evolve.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are great garborators.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that Uncle Michael! If it wasn't for him, us out here in Cyberland would never see Mr. Chubs or know he's now 1 year old.

(And I'd never see pics of those baby clothes again.)

What a yummy looking pie! I'm guessing Wilson is still gaining weight... :D