Saturday, November 27, 2010

Everything but the birthday cake.

Do you know how long it's been since I've taken the pictures off of the camera? This is the first picture. Greeley with long hair. Wow. That was sooooo mid-October.

She and Emerson love their Rose Cottage, with sink and stove.

Clearly Atlee isn't thrilled about Greeley's new haircut. Or maybe she got confused and thought she was fifteen here.

Another shot of the pixie-do.

While I haven't been posting regularly, we have still been going to Story Time. Here she shows you her house she made.

And the tree Miss Nancy made for Fall.

Emerson's gotten bigger since you saw him last. He had a birthday, you know. I'll post those pictures separately. OK, OK, I'll try to post those pictures separately. I know my word isn't very good in the posting world lately.

Emerson has been keeping us busy lately with his increased mobility. Here he got himself a snack off the counter. He and the dog have counter surfing in common. Perhaps it's time to keep the bread elsewhere?
This time his counter surfing netted him a stack of plastic cups. What fun!

And this was retrieved from the garbage.

Perhaps like Atlee he was momentarily confused and thought he was fifteen.


Uncle Michael of DC said...

Damnit! I was going to post a whole bunch of pictures (I still might) and you bit the middle right out of it!

Now to investigate what's on the camera.

Today's secret word: progyn - hmmm, interesting. Does this mean "pro-woman?"

Uncle Michael in DC said...

I was going to post that last picture and say something like "Here we're teaching Emerson how to do whippits."