Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where I Break Into Song and Sing the Circle of Life...

For those of you who didn't see the obituary on Facebook, Acorn the Rabbit has passed on to the great warren in the sky. I put the girls to bed on Friday evening and checked on the rabbit as was my habit. (I'm a poet.) Unfortunately, the rabbit was a tad bit stiff and immobile.
So, I hauled the cage out of their room and put it on the front porch. Rich was on his way to DC to pick a friend up from the airport, so I gave him a casual sort of heads up call..."Um, when you get home don't be surprised at the dead rabbit in a cage on the front porch."

On Saturday, he and Atlee dug a hole. The stiff bunny went into the hole. Well, she went into the hole once and Rich realized she wasn't going to fit. Atlee mentioned to him that "Yeah, Acorn got really fat. It's a good thing she's dead so she didn't hear me call her fat." After the hole was enlarged a little, she was laid to rest.

Today's Sunday. My younger sister came up to visit and we took the girls to a pet shop where Atlee spent her every last penny on this:

We had discussed that it should be a mini lop, but once more I somehow have ended up with a full size rabbit. At least this time I know it's a baby and is going to get bigger. She's debating names right now- we'll keep you posted.

In other news, if you didn't get the Facebook Rabbit Obituary, perhaps you didn't get the status update about Greeley cutting her own hair this week. Amazingly enough, the safety scissors did cut her hair. They don't cut anything else. Rich was pretty impressed with the results:

Now, where was I? Oh, yes, "The circle.... the circle of life...."


Gettysburg Mom said...

Gah. She's named the poor fellow "Fuzzy". Henceforth on this blog, he will be referred to- and all correspondence may be directed to- Stu.

michael in dc said...

He has very cute ears.

michael in dc said...

Also, I thought it was kind of funny that the circle of life gave you an outdoor warren for Acorn and then decided he should die before you got him out there.

Atlee's line was priceless. That kid's life could be a sitcom.

Was there any clean up done to Greeley's hair? If not, she did a pretty damn good job! I'm surprised!

Anonymous said...

Good looking rabbit! He'll live down that name eventually. That haircut is really pretty remarkable.

Henry.and.Malcolm said...

Dear Stu,

I hear Greely's pretty good with the safety scissors but if she has a mind to trim your ears, you just high-tail it right back to the darkest corner of that cage of yours.

Le Fish

sheila said...


Nice cut, lol. Poor girl! I can't believe those lame scissors cut anything especially hair! OMG!

Cute little bunny though :)

Brigitte said...

Greeley looks not just happy with her new bob, she also looks exceedingly cute. Atlee may like it too...

Acorns demise was probably caused by having overheard your plan to install him in that hutch and put him OUTSIDE into the cold world.

Let's hope Fuzzy stays fuzzy...he is very cute!

Brigitte said...
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Katrina said...

Hi Sis!! I spoke to mom tonight. Drink lots of water to help stop contractions. I had a lot with Lizzy. The doctors said I was dehydrated. Can't wait to see our new family member. Love you!!