Sunday, October 11, 2009

Packing for the Hospital.

We're getting close enough to having this baby, that I've started to think about what I need to pack for the hospital. You know- clothes for the baby, clothes for me, that sort of stuff. The girls have other ideas about what I should bring though.

I've decided that waiting to have a baby is a lot like waiting for Christmas. It seems like the day is forever away. Weeks and weeks ahead of you.

Then, all of a sudden one morning you wake up and go four weeks? Is that all the time I have to get ready? Wait. In one week, I will have a fully developed human being just hanging around inside me?

And, so at some point you pack for the hospital. It's actually one of the few times Rich and I get to spend a night away from the kids.

I'm thinking it won't be the most romantic evening away from the kids we've ever had.

Perhaps I need to rethink what I'm packing here.


Katrina said...

It looks like you are packing 2 kids instead of clothes. Hope you are getting the sleep you need. I wish I wasn't so far away so I could help you more. Love you littel sis.

michael in dc said...

I love it - cute post.

michael in dc said...

Greeley's hair is so long!

WhisperingWriter said...

Good luck with the packing.

I remember that I packed a book along with my clothes stupidly thinking that I'm actually have time to read.

Patioboater said...

I thought you were supposed to bring a kid or two back from the hospital, not *to* the hospital.

I'm sure, however, that Greeley and Atlee would be very helpful.

Monique said...

Yes, along with others who have commented on this, I must say, I found the pictures accompanying this story of packing for the hospital sort of odd. I'm guessing that the talk of packing got those two little cuties thinking... Or, maybe they just enjoy getting into boxes.

Thinking of you, Susan!

Anonymous said...

You mean, you can't return a fully grown child back in return to a brand new smaller and chubbier one?

I hope everyone is getting excited for #4. I know I am since I'm able to unload all of B's clothing to you. I cannot wait to re-live pics of Em in B's onsies...let me dream, please!

Anonymous said...

LOL - If only it were acceptable to pack for the hospital in rubbermaid bins. Better not too I guess - Too many opportunities for stowaways!

Henry.and.Malcolm said...

Have a great trip!