Monday, October 5, 2009

Apples, Petting Zoos, and Hay Rides... Oh My!

Remember Amy? (Hint: She's the friend who took all three kids so that Rich and I could shack up at Herr's Tavern overnight last year.)

Her daughter, Trinity, recently had a birthday. The birthday party was at Showvaker's Evergreens. Atlee was looking forward to going for- oh- about a month before the actual day.

When we got there, the first thing Greeley found was a duck and pump station. Water and rubber duckies. She was in heaven.

All of the kids enjoyed the corn crib. Instead of a sand box, it was a big box of corn kernels. I still have corn all over my family room floor from three kids taking off their socks and shoes when they got home. Atlee rolled around in this like a pig in mud. That's why you can't see her in this shot. She's actually lying down in the corn kernels.

There was a petting zoo, which Greeley enjoyed.

Turkeys that aren't on the Thanksgiving Table. Yet.

She also enjoyed driving the train.

It's not quite a smile, but it's not quite her usual glare either.

All the kids enjoyed the hay ride. Except Greeley, who spent much of the ride with her hands over her ears. The tractor was a bit loud, I guess. That or she was tired of the sales pitch to come back and buy our Christmas Tree there. Hard telling.

The hayride stopped so that all of the kids could do the apple sling shot.

All morning long, from the time we got there, Rich kept asking, "Where's the apple sling shot?" "Have you seen the apple sling shot?" He perhaps enjoyed it more than the kids.

Note the chocolate frosting remnants on Atlee's face from the cupcakes. The party tent was in the corn maze. I don't have any pictures of the kids traveling in the maze, though. They all seemed to have a good time. The adults all came out looking like they needed a cocktail or two. Happy Birthday Trinity!


Henry.and.Malcolm said...

We want to go to Showvaker's Evergreens! We want to do the apple sling shot too!

Michelle D-P said...

Beautiful Atlee! Chocolate frosting and all!

Monique said...

Oh, what a fun birthday party setting. And it looks like you had perfect weather too.

Clearly the Riordan Mamarazzi was hard at work throughout the day. Thanks for the thorough coverage. Well, as thorough a coverage as one can expect from a woman on the verge of child birth.

sheila said...

You always have so much fun! Can I come live with you? Oh wait, better yet...can I just send my kids? lol

very cute pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's really a pretty neat, well thought out attraction for kids. Awesome site. What a neat place for a party. Go get 'em, Frosting Face!