Friday, July 31, 2009

Did you know Detroit is an excellent place to vacation?

No. Really. It's true. I have to admit that we've gotten some odd looks from people when they asked where we were going this summer and we responded, "Detroit." "Oh. Um. Interesting." After a bit, I just started saying, "Michigan." But, you know what? After this vacation, I will defend Detroit as a vacation destination.

A lot of these photos are similar to those that have appeared on John's site, Patio Boat or Malcolm and Henry's site, Pontoon Pirates.

To begin with, my big brother John's neighborhood had one of those magical trucks that deliver ice cream to the small children of the land.

Those magical trucks amaze my children.

Shea and Henry enjoying ice cream on the steps.

I like this one because Greeley looks kind of ice cream drunk to me.

Atlee and her new best friend, Lexi, enjoying their ice cream. Five year olds crack me up. How often have you heard one say something about their "new best friend" only to get the follow up question of "and what was her name again?"

John and Monique treated us all to a Detroit Tigers game.

There was a great view of the Detroit skyline from the baseball field.

Uncle John and Atlee enjoying the game.

Greeley eating the peanuts. She seemed to enjoy them a bit more after we discussed taking them out of the shell instead of eating the whole thing.

A rare photo of Shea that does not involve his hand in front of the lens.

Atlee showing off her new hat. It looks so plain from this angle. But wait-

it's the blingiest baseball cap you ever did see. Pink AND sparkly.

Greeley also received a cap, but this might have been the only time it stayed on her head.

After the game, there were fireworks.

The beagle that inspires all that beagle haiku.

- Beagle sniffs the air.
Is that a rabbit I smell?
Pesky leash holds me.-

Shea and Malcolm go for a canoe ride.

Rich takes the girls out on a rowboat ride.

The standard Shea photo pose. We've moved on to the Detroit Zoo.

Photo-ops of five children rarely work out.

Everyone kept climbing up on the fences to see the animals. I kept having small heart attacks. I could see the headlines in my mind. "Completely irresponsible adults lose five children to hungry tiger at Detroit Zoo."

Thanks again to John and Monique for showing us all the good things Detroit has to offer. Is it too early to make our reservation for next summer?


Patioboater said...

No surprise, I cribbed the haiku:

sheila said...

We went to Detroit once years ago. When the kids were alittle younger. We had a BLLLAST! Their zoo is friggin aweSOME! And they have that mall there that has a kiddie roller coaster in it.

You should come to Cleveland one day. It's beautiful here. Except you couldn't/shouldn't go see an indians game...considering we just TRADED all our good players! Serious! For nobody's. Dumbasses.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

What is with our boys and their long hair?


Cute pics.

AdkJen said...

I have friends in Belgium who love to visit Cincinnati. (And my reaction was "Really? Like in WKRP?") And one of my two favorite places to vacation is just north of Pittsburgh! Seriously. It's the people :)