Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Apt Title: Delaware Shore 2009

Perhaps you heard we got to go out of town again? Rich's brother and sister-in-law invited us to join them and Rich's other brothers and sister at the Delaware Shore this last week. Rich had to stay and work (because someone's got to pay for our gas), but the kids and I headed out last Thursday. When we arrived at the rental we found out Darkstar Orchestra was playing at the bar across the street that night. Here's their tour bus. Such a close brush with fame!

However, as the girls and I sat on the front porch enjoying the music, my mind sort of wandered. The conversation with self went something like this, "Hmmmm. When was my last dead show? I'm pretty sure it was 1992. Wait. What's this year? 2009? Really!!!???? 17 fricking years???!!" Anywho.

Shall we look at the pictures of the kids?

Would anyone be surprised to hear Atlee loved the ocean?

She really, really loved the ocean. Even when a big wave knocked her down and under, it didn't diminish her love of the ocean.

Here's she's telling Rich on the phone that this is the best vacation ever! And that was after just one day at the beach.

The next day, Uncle John buried Shea in the sand.

He left his head out.

Greeley thought the whole thing was rather odd.

And then she did a little surfing on her big brother.

And we'll finish out with a picture of Greeley enjoying all the sand.

I suppose I should go do some dishes now. My husband apparently didn't know how to operate the dishwasher while I was gone.


Patioboater said...

Last Dead show? May 7, 2009. It shall be remembered as the show at which John & Mike discovered the Toucan Pub, from which the Guinness flowed.

Guests of Wolverine Lake Hospitality, Inc., may receive a double CD of the show as a parting gift. I'll bet you don't get that sort of thing from the Delaware Shore.

Here's the set list. The last few songs are probably a surprise to Mike, since, um ... it was the show at which John & Mike visited the Toucan Pub frequently:

The Dead (Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart,
Bill Kreutzmann, Warren Haynes and Jeff Chimenti)
Pepsi Center, Denver CO
Thursday May 7, 2009

Feel Like A Stranger
Casey Jones
Easy Wind
Crazy Fingers
Lost Sailor>
Saint Of Circumstance
Deep Elem Blues@
Me And My Uncle@
Whiskey In The Jar@
The Weight@ ->
Space ->
Happy Birthday Billy
Ramble On Rose
King Solomon’s Marbles ->
Space ->
Drums ->
China Doll
Cumberland Blues
Not Fade Away
Donor Rap

sheila said...

Love the dishwasher comment. :)
And the pics of the beach! VERY nice!

Patioboater said...

Whoops, got distracted by the "how long since the last Dead show" comment and forgot to mention that it looks as if everybody had an awesome time.

Between there and Maine I reckon we may have a lot to compete with, waterfront-wise.

Anonymous said...

awwww - so cute! And, again, they look so happy!! What a great mom you are! Summers are so hard with this many vacations - how do you do it?