Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Let me guess. You have a nice vacuum. Most people do. Maybe not a great one, but a nice little vacuum. Do you know what mine looks like? Kind of like this. Only it's 8 gallons. And older. Please don't think this is a complaint.

A shop vac is kind of perfect for around here. I can suck up a knee high barbie boot and half a waffle without any thought. The standard "household" vacuum can't handle my household debris.

You've heard my new vacuum is coming tomorrow right?

It seemed kind of unfair that I had to vacuum today in preparation for her arrival. But, since she comes with my parents it seemed the polite thing to do. This way my parents can pretend on some level that their grandchildren aren't being raised in a great big mountain of crumbs. They know the truth, but we all like to pretend.

Although I did think about maybe asking Mom and Dad to drop the dog off and take a couple of laps around the block while Cady did her job.


City Mouse said...

Eh. We have the cheapest Hoover that they had in the store. Other than that, the extent of my knowledge is this: It's blue. One time I sucked a sock up in at and broke the belt, prompting the necessity of learning how to change the belt. That went well, but the case never quite went back together the same way. It rattles now. (Of course, I have never bothered to investigate why.)

sheila said...

Enjoy your new vac! I know I could use one also. Mine's a piece of junk now. Too many years on the ol girl. (sorta like me! lol)
btw, yes I did laugh at your comment...butterfly pic, ha ha ha

Tracey said...

I have a crap vacuum that sucks ok. But it's HEAVY.

Patioboater said...

Of course, the real problemm with relying on Cady as your vacuum is that in addition to removing all of the food particles from the floor, she also leaves a trail of destroyed items behind her.

She's really more of a food-filter than a vacuum, though I do have to say that she makes a tolerably good kitchen mop.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you have to do to get said Hoover for a length of time is all good! She does "clean up" for you - gets rid of all the toys your children don't need since they are in her distructive path and she gets the other 1/2 of the waffle too.

Funny - I only use a shop vac too. Must be some ADK thing.

How long is the visit this time?

Holly said...

That's what dogs are for, right? They need to earn their keep. Thanks for visiting my blog!

AdkJen said...

At least your parents don't come unannounced too often, eh?

I have TWO pups and a ridiculously small rechargeable Eureka Quickup... but we have tiled floor throughout the entire house. It's cold, however, so there are a few rugs for shoeless comfort. Considering a house filled with five humans and numerous other animals in addition to the two dogs, I have to admit that I still only vacuum only occasionally... Guess the pups do a better job than I realized!! :)

Sabrina said...

LOL we loveddddddddddd our shop vac, until Kris tried to use it to suctipon out the hot tub so we could clean it-Didnt work so well