Monday, February 23, 2009

There weren't any ponies involved.

We celebrated Atlee's fifth birthday this weekend. She won't actually be five until tomorrow, but sometimes we can't wait for a good party.

When she's 35 and in therapy, I fully expect her counselor to ask her for more details about the cake from her fifth birthday. "There was an S on it you say." "And the homemade heart shaped cake was broken? Interesting, very interesting."

It might even make it onto Cakewrecks if I'm not careful. Atlee repeatedly assured me that she loved it. In the end, that's the only part that really matters.

[It's not an S, it's a 5.]

She was fiercely excited about a birthday party.

Rich too.

Friends and family and food and cake and balloons and presents. Could you hope for more on your birthday? I think not. Thank you again to everyone for helping to make it a wonderful day for Atlee.

In other news, Greeley seems to have gotten confused by the whole birthday party thing and thinks she turned two.

Most of our conversations seem to go "No!" "Mine!" "Stop!" "Milk!" "Nurse!".

Two is such a pleasant age, isn't it?


Deanna said...

Happy Birthday, Atlee! And on the subject of "interesting" birthday cakes...I made one for Kyle's 10th or so birthday and it was supposed to be a Dallas Cowboys cake, a manly shade of blue with the Dallas star on it. He was not amused when it turned out to be a lovely shade of lavender with the Dallas star on it. Hey, what can I say...I tried. And it still tasted yummy!

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Atlee. Love Aunt Katrina!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Atlee! What a sweetie!
Did Shea try the cake?
Enjoy therapy!!

sheila said...

Very funny post! :) And that SO looks like a 5, not an S.

michael in dc said...

It wasn't nice to put gravel on top of the cake like that. Macadam will do a number on your teeth.

Actually, it was a very delicious cake and I liked the presentation with the candies scattered about. The foil for reflection was excellent, too.

Perhaps you could try that cake again, under the aegis* of The San Andreas Fault Cake.

*Aren't I the educated one! (Unless I used it wrong, in which case: no.)

City Mouse said...

Happy Birthday to Atlee!

I love Cakewrecks. I'd submit it. Do her proud! Therapy-wise, having a whole nation making fun of her cake would be ... the icing on the -

Well, you know.

michael in dc said...

Did those t-shirts ever fit anyone (aside from Richard's)? Is Greeley going to end up getting them all?

I think you should also tell people that there was a ferocious half-wolf, half-girl running around. Your parties are dangerous! :) (I was reminded by Atlee's cat-like pose in her "excited" picture.)