Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Five Second Rule

My friend Gretchen is a great big spoiler. This weekend we received a box of yummy Valentine's Day cookies from her.

[Gretchen has a blog- Whenever Possible, Make a U-Turn- but she hasn't posted to it in over a year. Perhaps this will encourage her to give it another go? She's an outstanding writer and should try the whole blogging thing again.]

The kids were all enjoying the cookies.

These weren't just any cookies, mind you. These were Harry and David cookies. I thought I was demonstrating fine sharing skills by telling the kids about them.

Greeley was enjoying this heart shaped cookie that was almost as big as her head. Perhaps it was a little too big for her. Shortly after I took this picture, she dropped half the cookie on the floor.

That was when we learned that when there's a dog in the house, the question of the five second rule is really a rhetorical question.


City Mouse said...

I notice that Shea is permitting you to take photos lately. Or maybe you keep surprising him. The cookie looks on their faces are so varied and intense!

Shea: Awesome cookie!
Atlee: The cookie is comfort and happiness.
Greeley - Step away from the cookie.

Patioboater said...

And no photos of Cady eating up the remnants of Atlee's cookie. Why is that?

My guess would be that it's hard to photograph a dog when it's moving faster than the speed of light in pursuit of a tasty cookie on the floor.

P.S. The word that blogger is asking me to type for verification is "lame". You should ask blogger to give you more reader-energizing words like "perky" or "cookie"!

Tracey said...

I'm sure the dog was so happy that she was sharing...

sheila said...

LOL, so true, so true. Sometimes when dogs are around you need a 2 second rule. Dogs are fast.

Patioboater said...

[Carol Neil is borrowing John's laptop to post the following:]

John and Monique are visiting and I just learned about your drive to neuter Rich. I always like to be helpful so I contributed, but with some ambivalence after looking at the pictures of the beautiful children you and rich make. Not sure that #4 isn't a good idea!


Anonymous said...

YUM YUM - what a great friend you have!!